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Battle in Time-Vietnam June 1-2, 2013 Enfield NC

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 The Va-Carolina MHA, Inc. will hold our semi-annual Nam event on the weekend
of June 1-2, 2013,(our 3rd Nam event)
It will be held at our Enfield NC Battlefield complex,
6 miles from I-95 and 30miles south of the
Va./NC border.

 the exact battle has not been decided as of yet.
All Invited:
    US GI/Marine? etc.
    ARVN (option for those without proper weapons yet, any WWII US weapon allowed there)
    Any Nam era vehicles allowed

please help get the word out to all area Units
the home field VC/NVA Unit is standing by with 14+
and even some civilians. Battle will feature first person event
with a day and night scenario,

Please let me know asap if attending and contact me for guidelines for event,
and registration form, Registration $25 at gate/ $15 if received before May 21st.
Hope you will attend, and thanks again,
Best wishes,
 D. White
 Assoc. President
please feel free to email me for info:

Battle in Time- Vietnam events

We are working on the event, please let us know if interested in attending ASAP,
we have more and more interest in NVA and VC so shaping up as a good event.

There will be interactions with civilians and so forth throughout event, and opportunity for total
first person event for Units members.


Event shaping up good, we have 2 NLF/VC and 1 NVA unit attending
and all Units are welcome. We could use a few more Vietnamese
civilians if anyone interested.

We are currently looking a few more American/ARVN reenactors, all welcome.

Time frame is 1966, so wide variety of impressions allowed.

walk-ons are welcome, but if you let us know attending before May 21,
you can get in at pre-registration price, $15.

2 weeks out,
Thanks to all who've responded.

Registration will be open at event:

Friday, May 31 ------- 5pm to 10pm

Saturday June 1------ 7am to 930am

Arrival and camp set up:

Friday May 31------ 4pm to 10pm
Saturday June 1--- 7am to 9am

Event Update:

flea market 5pm til 8pm Friday
open to all interested selling
will be located at the Registration

Numbers looking good we have several impressions
attending and look forward to any who wish to attend.

Walk-ons welcome, but please email us so we can
plan ahead for event.

Hope to see you there!


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