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Battle in Time-Vietnam June 1-2, 2013 Enfield NC

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I95 to exit 154( NC481) in North Carolina,
drive west 2.9 miles to intersection of NC 481/NC4/NC48
turn right north on NC4/NC48
travel 3 miles site on right:

22960 hwy48 Enfield NC 27823

The event went great!
We had members of the 101st Airborne LRRP, the 82nd Airborne Engineers,
69th NVA Rgt. and 315th NLF/VC Rgt.

The battle started by request on Friday night,with patrols sent out by the 315th
VC Rgt, in search of information on the Forward Operating base being
A small firefight began with the VC patrol running into an ambush set by the
LRRP, the night ended with a stalemate

Early Saturday Morning elements of the NVA 69th Rgt. began to infiltrate the
area and join forces with the VC Rgt. after recruiting conscripts from local
villagers, harassment of the base began, with occasional sniper attacks, mortar
attacks and a faint in early afternoon as to an actual assault on the base,

members of the LRRP then found and destroyed a weapons cash, and ran across a VC
unit moving into positions near another. After a brief firefight the VC were
destroyed with an impressive body count.

After several patrols the VC resided to wait until dark to attack the base in

During this time, the 82nd Airborne engineers worked hard on adding to and
constructing a defensible forward base. with the addition of fighting positions,
instillation of foogas protective areas and camouflaging areas that needed.

After dark around 2000 the NVA Command began mortar attack on the base with a
combined assault on the facility, the attack was forced back, but began again
around 2215 with VC units crossing the wire in a full out attack on the base.
after a determined defense by US forces they were forced back, and regrouped to
attack all 4 sides of the base at once, at 0200 Sunday the NVA/VC units were
forced from the area with numerous casualties.

Fun was had by all and we would like to thank you all for attending,
Our next Vietnam Event will be September 13-15, a 1968 event. Please mark your
calendars now,

Association Events Coordinator


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