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Hello there.


I am not quite sure how to start my introduction but I think i'll just start with the beginning.

I have always wanted to try reenacting, possible more so when i'm older. First of all, because i'm a teenager, second is because I have never reenacted any historical even (or anything for that matter) and I am not quite sure where to start. So well, I went on google to find a site for reenacting to get some pro's and con's about it and tips.

History has to be my favorite main subject in school, besides foreign languages. On some topics I don't know so much but I can easily fix that issue. I am currently self-teaching myself Norwegian, I can read that language pretty fluently but it is the bigger words I have problems on. I am also getting Romanian lessons from a person on this other forum site who speaks both, English and Romanian. In school this year, i'll be taking either German or French if the German classes are full. I have four dogs and I use to feed ten cats, I own one of those cats actually. Something a lot of people don't know about me is that I haven't ate fish in about two years.

I was not quite sure where to start so.. I decided to type some stuff up about me and how I found this site. Well, hello~!

Hi Ellie I am new too.  I have been to a couple Renaissance fairs but that's about it so I won't  be a lot of help to you. You pursuits are very cool.  I like languages, cats and history too although it's been some decades since I was a teenager. let's see what this reenactors thing is all about!

Welcome. I guess the first thing is: where do you live?  :)

Thank you, Meg, if I may call you that. It is nice to meet you~!

Thanks Sturmkatze, I live in Missouri, very close to the Illinois border. Florissant to be exact.

Hello Ellie,
Very cool that you study foreign languages!   Good to see someone younger interested in reenacting



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