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What Native Impressions are out there?

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WHa tis easiest to start doing? What is way hard? Costs?

I do Apache Impression out herein Az.

u no le:
  Here in Ky, alot of us portray Tsalagi (cherokee). What better way to honor our ancestors! Cost wise, if you make your own clothing, its not very expensive or that difficult. If you want to carry a firearm then your looking at some bucks. But all you really need is a knife and a 'hawk to start. 

Karl Helweg:

I am about as non-native as you can get but this is Zane from near Boone, NC with his impression.  He has some research that Cherokee were proud of how bad their firelocks could look and still function(?)

BTW - it is good to see someone alive and posting.   ;D

u no le:
Nice pic ! i was starting to think noone else posted on here. LOL


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