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A good rule to remember about the Forum


Please try to stay on topic! Very Happy Yeah, sometimes we all wander off, but really, if you have something Off-Topic to say, please post it in the (yes, of course) Off-Topic Area. I know, this sounds like a pain-in-the-ass, but really, it will make the Forum a LOT easier to read (and a LOT easier for us Moderators to keep it going on an even keel).
Thanks, Marsh

Hey Guys,
Marsh is serious about off topic posts, and that includes the off topic forum, he has already deleted one of my posts, so I guess that makes me the premier dink.  Let's all try to make the moderator's job here as easy as possible, it is a crapy job at times.
Best wihses

Of course I WAS trying to move it to somewhere that it'd be ON-Topic, but alas... I messed up and deleted it :-? D'OH!


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