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Great Train Robbery - Leona, WI


Great Train Robbery
One Day Event
Saturday, October 6, 2007
9 am - 5 pm
Camp Fire Railroad Museum
Leona, WI

Step back in time and come take part in a Wild West train robbery. An authentic Cowboy Reenactment and robbery of the Lumberjack Steam train. Come and ride the train and experience the Wild West up close.

The group of cowboy re-enactors, known as the Green Bush-Wackers, portray, in authentic period costumes, characters such as cowboys, bandits, a preacher, mountain men and card sharks. In addition to the train robbery, the group will form a posse that will bring the bandits to justice?or justice will be brought to the bandits!

The entire family will be thrilled to experience this exciting and interactive performance.

Come take part in this Wild West Robbery!

Leona Wisconsin is located 15 mins. north of Indian Springs Casino, Carter, WI


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