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making dvds from original films


Uhhh, this is driving me crazy!  Can someone give me an idea on some good software?  Downloaded the free trial version of Nero 7 but read that it was crappy on some of the reviews. I have some original German films and American newsreels/US Navy films so had them put onto dvd. The German films have been put onto on dvd but have some veterans who only want specific films for themselves. Here is what I need to be able to do:

1) put the films onto my hardrive and to convert the format to Media player, etc.

2) edit the films so that I can have each one as a seperate file

3) be able to burn dvd's by picking and choosing the films as seperate files

4) to put a couple on a forum and possible an email group

So if any advice please give it before I pull out my hair!


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