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Kurt Ulsaker posted this on the WH list... needs to go here where we can talk about it

Hey Marsh,
I can't blame you for feeling the way you do about the immigration thing (living in a border state), it must get really aggravating, but I think you might feel differently had you ever worked in a restaurant and saw how hard our amigos from the south work, 7 days a week, 2 and 3 jobs. That is what our country is all about, working hard for a better life. They take the dirty jobs that Americans don't want to do. My mother was an immigrant from England (my Grandfather served in the RAF during WW2 BTW), so if this country had shut its' borders down 50 years ago (like so many people want to do now) I wouldn't be here to write this.

In all seriousness, if Central and South American migrant workers had been working on the Atlantic Wall instead of the conscripted laborers that were given the task, it would have been finished in time for D-Day.
Obama/Clinton in 2008! (I'm totally kidding)

 Arribe La Raza!

I'm not against immigrants. I am against immigrants who come here and expect US to change for them. To change things so they are like things are in their backwards-ass country. Hey, pretty much all of us have immigrant ancestors. All we ask is if you wanna come here is that you become AMERICANS. I am not gonna learn Spanish for you, you damn well need to learn English because this is not Mexico, El Salvadore, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, etc. If I go to some Spanish-speaking country, what would happen if I only spoke English or if I tried and fly their flag upside down or fly the US flag ABOVE their flag? shite, they're not going to put up with that crap, why are WE supposed to?

I know most work hard, and do the jobs we don't want. Great, but they don't do it as Americans, they do it as foreigners who then send the money back there and plan on returning home eventually. Wanna be an American, fine come on in. The water' sgreat... just make sure you do it the right way.

And lastly, I don't live in a border state anymore, I live in Pennsylvania  :P

That "jobs Americans don't want" bullshite is just that...bullshite. I drive around my area south of Philadelphia and see houses going up, roads being worked on, lawns being tended, roofs being fixed, things like that, and it's nothing but HIuspanics and I'd be willing to bet there's not a green card to be had. Certainly not a legit one anyway. A few years ago we got new doors put on my house from Home freakin' Depot and the guys who did the job, out of four, one habla'd the English. These people can't be confused with the immigrants of the ealry 20th century who came here and became Americans. Learmed the language. Adpoted the customs. ASSIMILATED THEMSELVES. Not clogged up the ER's, had anchor babies, and fraked up the public education system. They need to GO!


Think it's bad up there , Try S E Texas . Seems like Houston is ground Zero for these cockroaches


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