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244th Guards MRR, 27th Guards MRD



We are in the process of putting together a post war soviet unit here in IA, IL, MO and the general area.  Going to portray the 244th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 27th Guards Motorized Rifle Division.  Circa 1972.  But we will leave the doors open to any post war year.  Not a lot of post war tacticals in the area, however living history display chances are growing. 

No website yet.  Will be piggy backing that onto our WWII units website.  If you are interested in looking into something different email me at

Especially looking for anyone with BMP-1 or T-72.  May ask they Rock Island Arsenal if we can have their BMP-1.  LOL  Think they'd go for that?   ;D


Hello! Its awesome that you are putting this group together! When you get the website up and running, please send me a PM so I can include it to the unit list that I've compiled in the Cold War area.


Thanks.  Will do.  I am currently in the planning stages.  Going to piggy back the site onto our WWII units site.  That way I am not paying for too many domain names.

Y'all are from Texas and the surrounding areas right?  My fiance is from East Texas and we just got back from there a couple weeks ago.  Do you have a 2008 schedule for your airborne unit yet?  Cause I could justify a trip to Texas to see the inlaws easily.  LOL  They are about 90 miles NE of Dallas.  Not far off I30.  Then I could swing by an event and visit.

Most of our GMRR events are fairly local here in Iowa.  The farthest we are heading will probably be Mexico, MO in September.  Did the post war soviet thing there last September.  It was a living history and a good time.  Looks like we'll have Charles City, Iowa Falls and maybe Quad Cities airshow for post war soviet events this season.  All living histories.




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