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Shooting Star Enterprises - Wild West Costumes and History


Shooting Star Enterprises is owned and managed by Marna Jean Davis.  She has been doing 19th Century historical costuming and living history since the late 90s.

"Teacher" as I affectionately call her - was the one that guided me into Wild West reenacting.   

Her topics include but not limited to:

Custom Victorian & Edwardian Dresses
Horseshoes-Ready-made Dresses
Online Sewing / Costume History Seminars
Victorian Dress Patterns Victorian Hats and Bonnets
Our own Books on costume making/ historyCalendar of Events

Living History
Edwardian Day Camp for Girls Museum
Saddles, Custom Tack - Western, Period, Sidesaddles
Reenactor/Sidesaddle T-shirts and more!

Please visit her site:


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