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TV Production Company seeks re-enactors/experts


Please excuse the intrusion.  I hope you will all find this of interest.  I work for a TV production company called High Noon Entertainment.  We have offices in Colorado and Los Angeles and we're currently developing a new show for The History Channel about Warriors.  We anticipate shooting a short demonstration tape for the series in early November.

We're seeking re-enactors and experts from various Warrior cultures (Native American, Medieval, Samurai, Mongol, Celtic, Aztec, Zulu, Civil War etc) who would be willing to help us with our shoots.  We're looking for people who can demonstrate warrior rituals, weapons or fighting techniques in authentic garb and who possess enough expertise to show our show's host how to handle the weapon or use the fighting technique.

If our tape is successful our show could go to series which could mean a continued need for such experts in our program.  If you are interested, please email me at

You can learn more about High Noon at

Thanks for your time!


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