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Hey, why ain't there stuff here yet?

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The answer to that question is that this Forum is not actually LIVE yet and if you are reading this, you are in on the ground floor. Anyway, I have spent all evening fooling w/ this thing to get it to work and I am fried. Hell, I even tweaked w/ r.Net's new layout, but again... I need to stop and go to bed. Plus my dog has to go out. Good enough?

If you have ideas other than what I e-mailed out tonite by all means, tell me.
Donkey Chain. r.Net Actual... OUT!

Hey, What is the drill on posting photos, does one need to host through photobucket or imageshak?  Another forum?  Great,

I dunno, I THINK it will take pix. I haven't played around w/ it enough yet.

image shack works, what is pix?

I think by "pix" he just means pictures, they just have to be hosted elsewhere, and use tags to put them in. (Gustaf, it looks like you did it right.)

Hopefully there is a size regulation to decrease bandwidth and prevent my having to scroll back and forth to read the text around a gigantous photo.


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