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annette bethke:
November 7-9, Henkel Square Round Top Texas. Participants will portray citizens of Fayette County, Texas in November 1860 and Henkel Square will become a generic Fayette County community. Participants will develop impressions such as the town doctor, an itinerant worker, an outsider passing through, a wealthy widow or a family down on their luck, and develop detailed backgrounds for these impressions. Website:, contact: Annette Bethke,

Annette Bethke
Austin TX

annette bethke:
Website has been updated with event and registration information.

annette bethke:
The first edition of the Henkel Square Herald is available at

The Herald is a new sheet that includes news articles from different newspapers from Texas during the event time line (thanks Vicki Betts!) as well as community members' "advertisements" and announcements. The intent of the sheet is to provide information about Texas during the event time line and to help build community through announcements, letters to the editor, etc.


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