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What's your Favourite rifle


I'm torn in that I used to be a Flinchlock nut... Hell, for a long while, I was the only one in my town that had one... this punk-ass 15 year old kid -- everyone else having a "Thompson-Centerfire Hawken rifle" :-0 Anyway, i always had flinters until last year.... I'm having fun w/ percussion guns  :P

Anyway, I always wanted a Lyman Great Plains Rifle and finally bought one like 25 years later. It was used, off of and it's cool... nice, not all wierdly made like the new ones (Markings stamped, not etched, plain lock, not fake engraving)... Last year I bought a Pedersoli poorboy rifle... .50 cal. I like it, but am going to do some work on the stock lines as I am not happy w/ how they look. Shoots DAMN good though  ;D

What's yer fav?

Back in the day when I was doing Civil War, I had a Parker-Hale copy of the '53 enfield.  That baby could really shoot.  I sold it off when I moved on from an infantry impression to artillery.  I wish Id've kept it, even though Iv'e long quit doing Civil War.  Really a good rifled musket!

Karl Helweg:

My favorite actual rifle.  


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