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Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
Welcome !! ;DI asked for this area so things might be easier for us ladies to post & keep track of  :angel: I hope to share this with ALLtime periods  ;D Please,Please,Post your thoughts about this area ???......Thank You!!   :-*                                                                                 blnzrfn
Good idea, Blndzrfn!!!!!!!!!!
  How's the caraco going?  I had to work today (kindof a babysitting assignment), so I got three hours of hand sewing in on my caraco.....I just have to finish the top stitching along the bottom and put the hooks and eyes/ boning down  the front and I have a new outfit!!  Then I can start on Terry's silk suit of clothes circa 1782. What a joy 0| 0| 0|

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
  ;D  Hello   ;DI hope this is easy to keep track of ;DI've had company so I got as far as cutting it out(the pattern that is ;-(..)I still havent had a chance to inlarge it...been so busy  :) ..My brother and his fiance are over  :laugh:So hope to have lots post here...Thanks for being the first of I hope are many  ;D                                                                           blnzrfn ;D

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
My project list oo-P
finish the front closure of my striped linen caraco ;)
finish my matching petticoat and jacket of white cotton with a coral floral print on it 0| 0|  (this means all that friggin' gathered self fabric trim that goes all around the bottom of the jacket, around the neck, down the front, around each sleeve :O>@....can we say all hand stitched rolled hems? ;-(
finish my gray striped silk sack back gown, putting new sleeves, stomacher, and doing the hem...oh, yeah, also make a petticoat to go with it...either gray stripe also, or the mauve silk taffetta I picked out for it :'(
....and it gets better....
Make silk taffetta stripe coat (1780's style) for hubby
Make olive green silk taffetta small clothes (waistcoat and breeches) for hubby :-*
Deadline? .....November 29 for the St. Augustine event
"that which does not kill us makes us stronger"
I'll be able to lift a small car after I get all this done >:D
 oo-P oo-P oo-P oo-P


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