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Sewing Circle North Central Indiana???Anyone???

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Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
;D  Anyone???  ;DI'am going to take up Flamingos offer of a sewing weekend sometime this winter in Ohio...Just would like to find like minded Nice people here in my area...Anyone ???I'am also Still looking for a Reenactment group in my area also....Is there anyone in My area???I know when my parents first started out people went out of there way to help a green horn...You know the More ,The Merrier...What happend in the 5 years Ive been out of the loop...I'm getting off subject...SorryPlease,Please....any one left in Indy????
I know there's someone out there.  Betsy, my friend who does 1812 (military and womens impressions) has already started her sewing dates.  My offer will be to anyone interested in sewing, sharing patterns or just doing hand crafts/ sharing a girls weekend.  Blndsrfn, I can either come there or the sewing weekend can be at my house.  I have a full size bed, a day bed, a very comfy couch, and camp bedding and space for a number of people with kids.  I have two sewing machines and space to set up anyone who brings one, and a nice area to cut patterns.   I also have a boatload of period dvds starring any number of hunky guys.(anyone see Cassanova with Heath Ledger?  A little campy, a little off on clothing--not by much--- but oh what a sweet looking young man.....thank god he's getting older so I can lust after him without guilt!!!) >:D    Anyway, we need to start thinking about dates so I can fit them around my winter activities (trip to Williamsburg, Reenactorfest, a few seminars in march)

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
I have to talk to Tim and they can have a guys weekend with his brothers  :D...I'm still hopeing  to talk Tim into going to Reenactorfest in Feb...It sounds like soooo much fun..  ;D Right now I would kill to get away but we're so busy... :laugh: We're haveing a cookout/campfire Fri....small just 25 people but trying 0| 0| to get everyone on same page :P 0|                                                              >:D   Heath is YUMMMY!!!   >:D               I haven't seen it but would love toI'm going to try to get some sewing done.... :-[  every time I try to something comes up.... ;-(Well got to go light some fires under people (homework,work clothes on the floor of the bedroom,baby just knocked folded cloths over..... 0| 0| 0| ;D   

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
 :'( nobody that does this time period stepped up to help us get restarted which is a real sad state of affairs  :'( (here in this state IN )I hope this hobby doesn't die out....Anyway me and my family are pursueing other things allso and Are going to a Viking Yule Party " LONG LIVE THE VIKINGS" Thank you to all the people that did step up and talked to me...I wish you all well ......I'll keep up the event page and post if someone says hello or has a question but I'am going viking....

Philonivs Maximvs:
I'm a man, but I sew, and I'm in Indy...  can I be here? 8)


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