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I've been off the computer for about a month now, since the trip to Fla. and far as a guy being involved in the women's sewing section... the more the merrier.  My husband cuts out all my projects right now and is interested in learning how to sew his own period clothing (I think he may have to do his own WWI since I have no interest or experience in that era) but quite a few men that I know do sew and actually sew quite well since they seem to be more cautious and concerned about the outward appearance while a number of my female friends do "half-assed" jobs just to get it produced.  My invite for a sewing weekend is to anyone who is interested.  If anyone is serious about the offer, please send me a personal message.  Bldsrfun, the offer still stands for viking and medeival stuff too.  Happy Holidays!!!
Julie and the flamingos

Philonivs Maximvs:
Awesome.... yeah, I started sewing back when I was in high school, when I really wanted a decent Star Trek uniform and couldn't find anything. So, mom taught me, and here I am with reenacting!

I'd be all about learning some other periods... I confess that I am stuck in the 20th century right now, but I do want to learn how the Romans did it (for when I start doing that, in the far future). Let me know if/when you do this........... thanks!


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