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Hey are there any Span-Am guys out there in the midwest anymore?
I was a member of the US 9th in Indiana and still am.
I have heard of an event for SAWS this coming fall of 08.
Anybody know where and when?
I'm also an honorary member of B troop 1st Vol Cav out  of Arizona.

Can't speak for the Midwest but it pretty much fizzled out here on the West Coast after the 100th Anniversary in 1998. There's a small group that mostly does displays but that's pretty much it.

I don't know about the West, but there is some smaller groups in the East, we've been trying to put together a group of Heavy Artillerymen here in the Carolinas & Georgia to do Living Histories and Timelines at the various Military Posts like Fort Moultrie, Sumter, etc... Any thoughts as far as getting folks interested would be more than welcome that's for sure.


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