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Just asking here, Did the Soviets ever produce large caliber pistol cartridges(EG: .45 caliber, Magnums etc) apart from 7.62 Tokarev/9mm Makarov to match the US/NATO?

None that I am aware of.  9mm being the largest military issue handgun I have seen in soviet service.  They might have experimented with something larger, but I have yet to see it.  Would like to see it if they did.  And of course anything prior to the revolution I know very little about.  Perhaps in Tsarist service there was something.  Dunno.  Our WWI comrades might be able to speak for that.

7.62 is just the soviet way of life.  LOL


I don't think so. The model 1895 Nagant revolver was produced since 1895 so that covers WWI and WWII.

.44 S&W Russian was the biggest.  It was used up through WWI at the very latest.  The 1895 Nagant replaced it, followed by the TT-33 in 7.62x25, followed by the 9x18 Makarov.  (9.2x18 really).

The Russians have now gone to super hot 9mm Luger load as standard but it will be slow putting it into service.



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