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Hello all! I would like to ask a favor to anyone that can help me. I am looking for a photo of the Soviet Tropical Cap (i.e., "Panamka", "Afghanka", Boonie Hat) for use on my site. The cap needs to be the pre-Soviet-Afghan War era cap from WW2-1960's. I have the Afghan War era cap already on my site. This photo would be used for comparison. I have a photo in a book with one of these early caps but unfortunately, my scanner is in storage and I am unable to retrieve it. I would appreciate any help on this and please send me a name that I can include in the captions. Thanks!

Hey Ray, Sandy here, OC of Recce PLN 10 Para. Let me dig and see what I may be able to find in my books. My scanner is up and running so I may be able to hook you up. What kind of photo do you want, one in use, or one on display? As a side note, Trident is selling originals here is the info AFGHANCAP.Caps available in the following sizes.55,56,59,60.$18.00

link is


I need a photo for my site to compare the recent tropical "Afghanka" cap used during the Soviet-Afghan War to the earlier tropical "Panamka" cap that the "Afghanka" was derived from. I have the Afghanka on my site already but I need a photo of the earlier hat, the "Panamka" or "Panama" hat. Trident is selling the hat that I have on my site already ( There is a photo of one in "KGB & Soviet State Security Uniforms & Militaria 1917-91 In Color Photographs" by Laszlo. I forgot what page its on though. Again, my scanner is out of reach and I can't get that photo right now. I do appreciate the help.

Ray, Does this help? I cannot find my reference material but found this on the net.

Come to my hizzous on Sunday and you can use my scanner.  Then you can cook me dinner and take me to a movie. I don't think the wife will mind. ;-)


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