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So what is everyone working on???

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Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
HelloHello everyone how is everyone ??So what is everyone working on or finished over the winter??

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
So with afew short weeks till x-mas I've started making Rosettes for my little Bri (she's 2)this is the first time in about 16 years I've done any bead work (wish me luck ) I'll post pic's good or bad when there done . So what's everyone else working on .

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
I got those beaded rosettes done and a pair of 18thcentury pants for my son and a ribbon dress for Bri ...Sooo what is everyone else working on????? Can't wait to hear .... -((0))-

Hi!  Reviving an old thread... :)  I just started reenacting and love it! In January 2010 I'll be training on muskets and cannons! WOOT!!!! I'm also in the early stages of learning to use a sewing machine. I'm planning on making my own costume and will hopefully attempt making them for my kids, though that is a long way off!  I will machine sew any hidden seams and will try to hand stitch anything visible.  The time period I'm doing is 1670-1680 Charles Towne settler. There is another themed event at Charles Towne Landing on December 12. I don't know yet if I'll be able to do that one.

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
Hey welcome to the thread ..... ;D . I haven't been on in awhile life keeps getting in the way ....LOL . Well for starters Welcome to reenacting . I haven't got any sewing done since this past fall . I did manage to get a jacket and petticoat done for my sis before our fall event that we love so much at Wolf Creek . Did you make the event in Dec ? Well Happy Sewing .....


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