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Has gas prices affected reenacting?

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I  felt this question was best for the general area of this forum since all reenactors have to travel to and from reenactments.
 Gas is having a effect on my unit and me. It is hard to spend 70.00 in gas to go to a event far away plus pay a 25.00 event fee. Then add in food.
 We had to skip Torrance,PA for this reason. We are trying to carpool to more events. The only summer roadtrip for us will be Thunder over Michigan in August.
We're looking into renting a large van, splitting the gas and rent fee.
 95% of the events we do this year will be local stuff. parades, living histories and events under 2 hours from homebase Erie.
 How is the gas effecting you and your unit? Is it harder to try a new event because of it? or go to one that is falling off in participants.


Yes, I have to say that it affected partly, my decision not to go to Lafe this year -- yeah, work was most of it, but 1000+ miles driving?! Not in a car that gets 15mpg.

If I didn't live only 30miles from the WWI site, I probably wouldn't be going. Money is tight these days  ;-(

I find it interesting that everyone is "surprised" by the rise in gas prices. If you paid attention you could tell that prices would be going higher after the jump last year. Only use the car to go to my family, in-laws or to see houses other than reenactments. At most out 2 weekends a month. To be honest, the price of gas isn't affecting me that much.

$3.45 tonite. WHAT BULLshite! And what will anyone do about it? It's not like I live somewhere w/ public transportation. No, we need something that will break the commodities traders and cause oil prices to plummet. What about yon huge oil find in the Dakotas?

LOL, try $3.79 at the gas station two blocks from by past the Queensboro Bridge. Find more oil? Hell why can't we do synthetic fuels? The Germans came up with stuff during the war due to shortages in fuel so why can't they do it with the new technology?


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