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Has gas prices affected reenacting?

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I guess it helps to look at the links first  :-\

My only thought...if they work that well, all the car companies would be beating down the doors trying to get these things installed to improve gas mileage and get a leg up on the competition...since they are not installing them or talking about them  would guess there is sort sort of problem or that they simply don't work.

Besides, if we all started using water we would hear Al Gore screaming about the cars killing babies in African droughts.  Al Gore --->  oo-P


Well it looks like the price of gas has gone down a lot. Now the issue isn't gas anymore though we still need to do something to make sure we are not tied to the Middle East anymore or even Venzuela.

Is the previous discussion still relevant ? Here we are 3 years later and $4 per gallon in most places is the "norm". Another topic that reflects government policy and manipulating our lives .... Did you all know the life of the electric car battery is 5 years or less, replacement cell costs $16,000.00 (!!!) and by then time you need to replace the battery cell the car value won't be squat.

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders 1812-1858.

Karl Helweg:
More and more every day.  Being land locked here we have to fly or boat to most all events so since airfares have not been climbing as fast as gas here we will probably still make our planned events in the L. 48 this year but driving or flying in Alaska might just stop for a while.  Auto gas is $4.25 in town and over $8.00 in remote sites.  100LL avgas was $6.10 last weekend so flying to the closest groups in Canada will $450.00-600.00 which is still cheaper than a ferry ticket and driving.  The weird travel math here is that we can fly to Pennsic near Pittsburgh, where we have a camp in storage, for the same or less than the closest ten outside groups to us.   

My plan is to shift my reenacting budget from gas to more gear and tools.  Hopefully with more toys I can play harder at the few events that I can attend. 

On a happier note, I can make a short flight to Whitehorse in the Yukon where they offer round trip non-stop flights to Europe for about $1,000.00. 


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