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List of Cold War Units (LAST UPDATE: Saturday, 3 MARCH 2007)


List of Cold War Units
If you have a Cold War-era unit, please PM me or email me ( so I can list it here.
LAST UPDATE: Saturday, 3 MARCH 2007
Soviet and Warsaw Pact Forces
* Soviet 106th Guards Airborne Assault Troops (VDV) & Soviet 35th Assault Landing Brigade (DShB) US
* The Warsaw Pact Forces Group (WPFG) UK
* East German (DDR) Mot.-Sch?tzenregiment-16 "Robert Uhrig" US
NATO Forces
* British 10th Paratrooper Regiment US
* British 3rd Paratrooper Regiment UK
* British Army "Forces 80" UK
* British 5th Airborne Brigade UK
Other Nations' Forces
* 109th Brigade of the Croatian Army (June 1991 to March 1992) UK
* NEW Mid Atlantic French Foreign Legion Living History Group (1949 to 2003) US
Resistance Groups


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