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If one may be so bold, can we make suggestions for this forum?
For instance, how about a sell & buy section?

Maybe. I don't know about auctions. Certainly we can add classifieds.  :D

yes thats the idea, simply allow people to post things they have for sale and put up a big huge disclaimer that the selling is at own risk, forum isnt responsible etc.
So just a little classified section so we can afford this expensive hobby by selling reenactment stuff to each other ;)

Give me a few days to get stuff under control. I think there's a mod for classifieds... I need to go look again. There's all KINDS of mods. Even ones to make google ads work here... we'll see. :-)

Just a little heads up.  I moderate over at  There are a few problems that seem to arise concerning a for sale section. 

1. You have people who come on the boards and register just to sell an item.  The solution we came up with is a minimum post count required to post in the for sale section.  If they did not have at least 5 posts they couldn't access the F/S section.

2. It should be required to post a picture of the item for sale.  Reduces the risk of fraud.

3. Some f/s posts start a shite storm that ends up becoming a major battle thread.  Seems that some folks don't agree with posted prices or item origins.

4.  There should be a review section for folks who frequently sell in the forums.  Lets people have a voice concerning the goods and bads of dealing with a vendor or individual.

5.  If asked of a moderator, the for sale post should be locked on request if the seller doesn't want a debate over his item.

That's my 2 cents.

Andreas K. Odemer


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