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Re-enactors name trashed because he participated in WWII re-enactment


I'm asking you to to support fellow Rich Iott in defending his name and the Re-enacting community.

Reenactor Rich Iott is an active reenactor who performs Civil war, WWI and WWII re-enactments. Rich is running for public office in Toledo Ohio.

His opponent has been plastering a photo of him in a German Uniform, and is trying to characterize him as a Nazi Sympathizer, and on several occasions, Swastikas have been painted over his face and on his signs.


ALSO - Visit the Facebook page "RE-enactors Support Rich Iott"

PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND -  If you have Facebook, Please invite your friends to the Facebook page.

John Mc

AKA Waiter

It is a shame he lost. I would have voted for him indeed. You are right a shame our hobby is called out as stupid, werid ect.
 Sorry people who eat, drink and live for all Sports with a Ball,ie football ,baseball, soccer the list goes on hockey are nuts. They know everything about the team,players from the schools they went to to underware size. Hell they watch 20 year old NFL GAMES on TV. Then lets try fantasy sports, joke!!! Betting on Sports. Then they painted thier vehicles in team colors and logos ,the house too. Theses nutty fans buy every shirt, have entire uniforms, some cost more the our reenacting gear. Plus to see a game, buy a seat for 100.00, a few beers, a hotdog and wow you dropped more then my paycheck at a hospital.
 Theses players get paid millions for what to entertain us WHAT A JOKE!!!
 The next time some says you are nuts for reenacting look them over and if they are a SPORTS NUT who let's the REAL world run him over tell them where to go.
 We can add in health risks and brain washing of children to Sports Nuts, also abusive of family members, wives, girlfriends and even the family pet. Drunk Driving , shooting the TV------


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