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Cpl. Hicks:
Hey all, anyone doing Mexican-American war? (I live in Ca so it's a bit easier for me.)
I do it but have yet to join a unit.

Well, I do civil war and I sometimes work with the dragoons up at Tejon.

Cpl. Hicks:
Cool, always good to see more people, when does the Tejon thing happen? I've driven by there a couple times, but never knew there was events there.

It happens every either first or second Sunday of the month. I forgot whether it's first or second. their website is They do mainly late 1850's dragoon events.

This is an old thread but I figured it is worth reviving it in order to introduce myself.  Hopefully the interest will increase such that the Mexican War will get its own sub-forum someday.

I live in New Mexico - I'm learning about the Mexican War period and am particularly interested in the Mormon Battalion and the Army of the West.  Since the MB did not see combat (and generally did not have uniforms), I am developing a uniformed infantry impression of the period.



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