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Karl Helweg:
Jas. Townsend has an excellent cooking series on YouTube and is now offering online classes to help folks get started reenacting:

Karl Helweg:
For those of you not already familiar with it is basically a community across the world to help folks afford to travel more and get a resident's eye view of the areas they are visiting.  We have had good experiences so far.  There are sub-groups within including worth checking out. 

Karl Helweg:
Since we have some free weekends with no events this seems like a good time to learn some new reenacting skills.  One of my weaknesses has been flint&steel fire starting so:

Karl Helweg:
One way of starting a fire with a flintlock:
Personally I cheat and put a little priming powder in which will start fine tinder directly without charclothe.  Burning Lens

Karl Helweg:
Apparently the "cocked hat" or what we now call a tricorne was first noted in the Spanish/Dutch wars about 1667. 

This is one simple method for making your own tricorne hat:

This booklet has more information and a slightly different lacing pattern.

Of course you will want to then make a cockade:

A helpful, rambling video about cocked hats:


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