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Title: 6th Pioneer Bn - GWHS
Post by: trenchmax on September 03, 2008, 08:47:35 PM
Hello all,

   My name is Mark and I am recruiting on behalf of the 6th "Stormtrooper" Battalion of the Great War Historical Society (GWHS). The 6th is a Prussian Pioneer unit that recreates the "stormtroopers" of 1918. In order to become a member of this small, yet elite unit, you must first serve some time in our standard infantry unit, IR 23.

   We participate in all of the GWHS's public events, as well as the two semiannual battles at our new site. We are looking for some motivated individuals that are willing to fight in the Kaiser's Army. Check out some of our videos on the GWHS website.

   If you are new to reenacting, or are a ten year "veteran" and wish to enlist in this hard-charging unit, send me an e-mail at TODAY!

Mark "Max" Thompson
6th Pioneer Bn - GWHS

Title: Re: 6th Pioneer Bn - GWHS
Post by: Sturmkatze on September 04, 2008, 12:10:21 AM
I always wondered about that thing about doing Infanterie first. Hmmm, I've been doing WWI since 1990. Was in IR63 until 2001. Reconstituting IR23 in the GWA. To me, reenacting is about fun and also doing it right. If I wanted to do Sturm-Pionier then that's what I'd wanna do... oh well, GWHS is different than here. Alas, it was moribund most of the time I lived in Cali 0| Seems to be taking off again. (^)
Title: Re: 6th Pioneer Bn - GWHS
Post by: Oskar_2ndChev on September 04, 2008, 02:21:22 AM
It's definately coming back although we're really hurting for Allies at this time.
Title: Re: 6th Pioneer Bn - GWHS
Post by: holz21pz on December 09, 2011, 02:54:37 PM
This is a total necropost, but I just wanted to breathe some life into it in case anyone is looking around. GWHS is back up and running. . The Pioniers were disbanded after age and attrition took their toll. I have the nod from the previous unit leader to reconstitute the unit. Right now the effort is to not fragment the Central Powers and to build IR23 as the primary German unit for the club.

Once  that is accomplished to the satisfaction of our Sergeant, those that show a more aggressive fighting spirit, make a lot of grenades and show up to work on the trenches on a frequent basis will be offered a spot with the Sto?truppen.

This has always been the way it is for the 6th and I think its a great way to do it. Otherwise you'll just get a bunch a guys who just want to wear the "cooler" uniform and not back it up with the authentic level of aggressiveness. Great War definitely has two types of reenactors. Those that are happy just sitting in the trench and maybe making an assault or two and then those who want to punch through the lines, throw alot of grenades and crack skulls with their trench clubs. Both types are needed, but only one type is what a Stormtroop unit should be made up of.