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Title: lost battalions MIA?
Post by: flattwin on July 01, 2010, 10:01:05 AM
Hello all -- I wonder if anyone knows what has happened to Lost Battalions -- they took my money about four months ago, I'm still waiting for the piece, and they do not respond to telephone, e-mail, etc -- can anyone shed some light on this? -- Thanks, Flat Twin
Title: Re: lost battalions MIA?
Post by: Sturmkatze on July 05, 2010, 11:22:26 AM
As far as I know, they are still in business and had moved to a new place and had less staff. I sent him a note about this--we'll see. Best, i can tell you.
Title: Re: lost battalions MIA?
Post by: flattwin on July 05, 2010, 02:27:43 PM
Thanks Kamerad!!! -- I'm a little concerned especially since I've changed addresses since the order and want to make sure they have it -- Thanks again FT
Title: Re: lost battalions MIA?
Post by: Sturmkatze on July 09, 2010, 09:14:35 PM
This was posted on the Wehrmacht e-mail list today by Ed Walton:

Two years ago, I decided to quit carrying inventory and either close 
down Lost Battalions or switch over to a custom shop mode (made to 
order only). My health insurance issues dictated that I needed to get 
a job with health coverage as a benefit. A number of people approached 
us about possibly buying the business intact, so I kept it going to 
see if anything was actually going to happen. Nothing panned out and 
I've been trying to keep things going solo since February, but I'm 
doing a very crappy job of keeping up. My other responsibilities make 
it very difficult for anybody to reach me on the LB phone and I'm 
behind on shipping and email, and people are getting pissed off about 
it. I agree. In the meantime, my health insurance costs have continued 
to rise through the roof. Therefore, I've decided to halt production 
at LB and liquidate the stock.

Once current open orders are filled, we will only sell from the stock 
on hand until it's all gone. Once that stock is gone, it's gone 
forever.  If you have an order with LB that's been paid for, do not 
worry, we're still producing and we'll continue to do so until all 
orders are met. I'll get it out to you. We still have a pretty good 
selection of wools for SS, Luftwaffe, and Heer in stock. We also have 
a good selection of Heer trops. Luft trops are very limited. We have a 
good supply of belts, shirts, and caps of all types.

The sale prices on the web site are no longer valid. I'll have new 
information up ASAP.

So, this is the wrap up for Lost Battalions. I'm putting everything 
else on hold for the next couple of weeks with an eye to getting all 
orders filled and all inventory sold by September 15. Call me at the 
number below and I will be available to answer it. I'm the only guy 
left here so you will get me personally.  If you have a question about 
an open order or you want to place a new order call be and I will let 
you know what we've got and when you'll get it.

Payment on all new orders will be by paypal, check, or money order 
made payable to "Ed Walton".  Personal checks are fine. Credit cards 
are no longer accepted.

Also, I'm selling off some originals:

Unissued M43 Heer feldbluse featured in the reference book "Soldat Vol 
III" by Cyrus Lee.  $2000
Original M43 reed green Heer shirt (slightly rat eaten) $150
Unissued M42 Heer keilhosen $500
Heer M43 reed green HBT feldbluse, very good $700.
ultra rare standard issue (loden wool) Engineer NCO waffenrock $1000.

Ed Walton
Lost Battalions Military Reproductions