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Title: Hurtgenwald & Ostfront, Dec 3 2011, Enfield NC
Post by: kestrel on September 09, 2011, 02:58:38 PM
We are pleased to announce the return of Hurtgenwald, but this year we are having it a week earlier to get it away from the Christmas season. We are also having an Ostfront event the same weekend, but on a property to the south.

This event will be a representation of the Hurtgen Forest Battle circa Dec 1-10, 1944, as well as all other Western front battle on the same date. This is a Generic specific battle so all western front unit may attend.

*This year (2011) we are adding a new second battle the same weekend on our Southern Property of just over 100 acres, this event open to Russian, Russian Alles, and German (Invitation only), the event will be the same weekend as the Hurtgen forest Event. This property is about 1/4 mile south of The Hurtgen Forest Property and will add an ambiance of that battle noises to the Hurtgen Forest battle. This will be a seperate event for Ostfront Units , and not an east meets west event.

The registration fee is $25 for reenactors ($20 if received by November 13), and free for vehicle owners. Event is located in Northeastern North Carolina off I-95, about 30 miles south of the Virginia state line.

The event will be primitive camping, so plan ahead, period tentage required. (we will have an area for non-period camping off battlefield property).

Please visit for more information, or email me, Franz, at