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Title: Looking for a American Infantry Unit
Post by: USMC3187 on March 19, 2012, 07:30:41 AM
The title explains most of it, I live on the eastern side of Michigan north of Flint. Most of my great great uncles and other sides of the family served in WWII from the Pacific to the European front and I just got out from serving 4 years in the Marines as Infantry and 2 tours in Iraq and I would like to portray an American GI that is Infantry cause I love doing ground pounding work, and this would be a remembrance to my relatives who served. Just looking for a good unit with a good group of guys who know how to have fun. I have a M1 Garand but no other equipment or uniforms, brand new to reenacting but its something I've always wanted to do. If anyone has any information of a unit close by or surrounding states of Indiana & Ohio, it would be much appreciated

 Derek S.