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Title: Pyrates at Paynetown, IN
Post by: cheekyactress on July 30, 2007, 03:03:09 PM
Pirates of Paynetown
Times: Friday August 10th 3-?, Saturday 11th- 9-?, Sunday12th 9-?

Location:  Paynetown S.R.A./ Monroe Reservoir, 4850 South State Road 446
Phone:  812-837-9967
Admission:  FREE! IDNR park admission still applies.

Ahoy! Avast! ARRR! Again? Join us for the Second Annual Pirates of Paynetown at Monroe Reservoir! There you will see a pirate shanty town, pirate ship skirmish over the water(Saturday Afternoon), sword fights, music and more! Dress smartly now, pirates-- or you may be forced to walk the plank! Feel free to wear your best pirate outfit and visit for a complete schedule.