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Title: Oklahoma D-Day 2008, June 9-15th
Post by: dorsai on November 09, 2007, 07:08:36 AM
Looking to learn if anyone would like to attend next year's Annual Oklahoma D-Day event, which
is being held in Wyandotte between June 9th-15th. Week long event draws between 12-15,000.

Small parade on Friday, as well as opportunity to have people ask you questions. Trails cover close
to 800 acres, some of which can be used for those seeking to exercise their vehicles in what has
been described as rough terrain. Anyone in need of more details is asked to contact me by calling
407/563-3884 between 0600-1930.
For a brief overview of the event please check out this video -


Brigadier General Andy Van Der Plaats
Director Tactical Information and Strategic Services
Office of the CofS, SHAEF
"Details Hold The Key To Success"
Title: Re: Oklahoma D-Day 2008, June 9-15th
Post by: dorsai on April 29, 2008, 12:25:59 PM
 Just posting a heads up for those who've already replied as well
as for those who are viewing this thread for the first time.  Time
is running out for those who are planning to attend this year's
11th Annual Oklahoma D-Day event.  Some new details which I'm
hoping to interest everyone include the fact that we'll have two
fully restored White Halftracks there, along with a fully restored
Taylorcraft obsevation aircraft. 

  Since this event involves the use of paintball weapons, we're
strongly encouraging people who wish to show up for just the
parade, which is being held on Friday, 13 June at 6pm, to get
in touch now so space can be set aside for you.  A costume
contest, which is divided up into four classes, one for German
NCOs, German Officers, Allied NCOs and Allied Officers, follows
the parade.   Space is also available for those wishing to camp
and spend time on the nearly 700 acres of property which will
become the battlefield for approximately 4,000 participants.

  If you're tired of attending events only to find that there's
hardly anyone there to appreciate the work and effort you've
put into your character, consider how much your efforts will
be appreciated by the 10 -12,000 people who spend time at
this event. 

  For more details about this event please give my office a call
anytime between 0600-1930.

Title: Re: Oklahoma D-Day 2008, June 9-15th
Post by: dorsai on May 03, 2008, 11:55:55 AM
Press Release
Allied HQ, SHEAF

  Headquarters wishes to announce that Mr. Jake McNiece,
veteran of 4 combat jumps as a member of the 506th PIR
with the 101st AB has agreed to come and talk before an
assembly of allied airborne personnel on Thursday, June

  Mr. McNiece is the co-author of a splendid book entitled
"The Filthy Thirteen." The exploits of the filthy thirteen
platoon, which was made up of the 'bad boys' from the unit
served as the basis for the movie "The Dirty Dozen."

  Now almost 89, Jake and his wife Martha will also be present Friday, June 13th to sell and sign books.

  Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet, listen and talk
to a living legend.