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Title: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on December 06, 2007, 03:41:53 PM

Planning has begun for the 2008 Indianola winter battle.  This event will be held at the Bunker Site outside of Indianola, Iowa on either Saturday February 23rd or Saturday March 1st, 2008.  Right now we are leaning towards Feb 23rd, with March 1st being the alternate date. 

The event website is:

The site will be updated as we put together information for the event.  It will be similar to the 2007 Eastern Front event that was held there this February past.

The time frame for the event will be the 3rd Battle of Kharkov, which was February 16th ? March 15th, 1943.  Thus all impressions should be correct for that time frame.  This is an Eastern Front Only event, no Western Front impressions will be allowed.

As far as impressions?

Heer (German Army) is invite only.

SS is open to all SS reenactor impressions.

Russian is open to all M35, M43 and transitional Red Army impressions.

Eastern Front Partisans are also invited to attend this event.  They will be needed.

Any other impressions must be approved by the event coordinators.  Do not show up at the gate and expect to play.  Improper impressions have and will be turned away.

The event is co-hosted by Grossdeutschesland (GPS) and 416th Rifle Regiment (HRS).  Coordinators are as follows:

German Coordinator: Dave Ruffcorn
Russian/Partisan Coordinator: Rob Leinweber
Event Coordinator: Dave Pasbrig

More details on the event are to follow shortly.  We should have the exact date nailed down soon.  Waiting on approval.

Any questions, concerns, or issues I can be emailed at


Title: Indianola Date Set
Post by: 416RifleRgt on December 10, 2007, 01:12:40 PM

Time to mark your calendars.  The date has been set as FEBRUARY 23rd, 2008 for the Indianola Eastern Front event.

Updates on the event can be see at the event website:

Also we have created a generic message board that does not require a log in.  This will allow for questions to be answered so that everyone can get the answer.  That board is linked to the Indianola page.

Also you can email me at:

Individual and Unit Pre-Registration is required by Feb 16th, 2008.  Walk ons will be allowed but there may not be food enough for those.  The event lunch will be based on pre-registered numbers.  To Pre-Register please email me at

Battle fee is set at $10.  This covers the lunch and water.  Water will be brought in each day to prevent it from freezing.  Once costs are paid the extra will be donated for site improvement.

See you there.

Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on January 09, 2008, 10:02:19 AM
Just a reminder to get your pre-registrations in.  Either as an individual or unit, both German and Russian.  We need a fairly accurate headcount so we can buy food and water.  Walking on is acceptable but we may not have enough for too many of those.

Those interested in attending or with questions email me at:


Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 08, 2008, 09:42:41 AM
This event is shaping up to be a very nice eastern front winter event.  We have 85 pre-regs in so far.  Split as such

41 German/Italian
44 Soviet/Partisan

Included is a mounted soviet element bringing 5 ponies. 

This of course is if the weather is gentle on us.  We have had a horrible winter so far.  Right now as of Feb 7 we have the snowiest winter ever recorded here in the Cedar Rapids area.  And the winter is only 60% over.  Big storm slated for Valentines day.  Ugh.   :O>@

Local folks report 7-8" of snow on the ground at the Bunker Complex at Indianola.  Work weekend is this weekend to prep for the event.  We'll have a better report by then.

Any last minute folks are still welcome.  Email me at:

More soviets would be good, and more partisans.  SS is still open but Heer is closed.

Stay tuned for more info. 0|

Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 11, 2008, 10:59:28 AM
Indianola Site Report


Saturday the 9th, Dima, Dave Ruffcorn and I got out to the event site.  We got firewood cut, the mock villages staked out, Russian road signs placed and several other things done.  I spent most of Saturday clearing the pass to the washed out bridge.  Several large trees had fallen blocking the road during the summer wash out.  With my trusty chainsaw in hand I hacked away the trees and cleared the overgrowth so the bridge building scenario can take place.  Because of all the work it required to clear the road, this landmark shall now forever be known as Konstantin?s Pass.  LOL 

I officially hate thorny vines with a passion.  D?oh

Some more pre-event prep will be done Friday before the event.  That is going to be stuff that wouldn?t last two weeks in the open with 2 more storms forecast.

After the work we had a meeting at a local restaurant to go over logistics.  Everything is set.

Here are some more points?

There is 6-8? of snow on the site.  With some drifts well over a foot.  We have 2 more minor storms forecast this week and who knows what next week.  Doesn?t look like there will be any melt off at all as temps are forecast to be around freezing or below. 

Snow is extremely fatiguing to march in.  Add to the fact the site is a valley with steep hills leading into it.  The downhill part is not to bad, but coming out is painful.  Folks need to be aware of their physical limitations.  This is not a city park battle with flat fields and trees.  This is like 80 acres of rolling terrain, with heavy woods covered in about a foot of snow.  Truly a good eastern front feel to it.  It does need more white birch trees to truly be like Russia.  LOL

This woods has a lot of sharp thorny things in it.  Locust trees with barbs sharp enough to penetrate leather work gloves.   Thorn bushes, thorn vines.  Iowa seems to have a lot of thorny plants.  Be aware of this, as with improper gloves or what not your hands could become bloody and painful.

There is also a lot of downed tree branches from the ice storm back in December.  I cleared the ones off the road I saw, but some are buried under the snow.  I rolled my ankle on one.

In essence what I am saying it standard woodland hazards are everywhere.  The creek is flowing under a little ice.  But Dima put his foot through the ice into it.  Then it promptly froze.  LOL 

Just be careful.

We are going to try to have a large area cleared for parking.  Cars will need to be stacked up.  Car-pooling is highly encouraged.  Overflow may end up parking along HWY 65/69.  Parking in the summer is not an issue, but in the winter we don?t have the field to park in.  That stinks, but we?ll work it out.

The kitchen will have to be up by registration.  With all the snow on the ground we will not be able to get it to the lower warming station.  Lunch will be brought down the hill from the kitchen and served at the lower warming station.

Speaking of lunch.  The weather contingency plan is this.  Should it be bad and Todd & the Kitchen can not make it, we will waive the battle fee and not longer serve a meal.  Folks should bring their own food to lunch in the field if this is the case. 

Also for the hot lunch please bring mess kits and utensils. 

To encourage Russian participation we have a minor blanks issue.  For the first 20 Russians, not members of the 416th, who are using bolt action 7.62x54 rifles.  Sorry we are not buying sub-blanks, nor German blanks.

Battle fee has been set at $10.  This covers the porto, water, lunch and materials.  Any extra money will be donated for site improvement after costs are recovered.

I am sure there is stuff I am forgetting.  Dima can add any points he can think of.

This is going to be a good event.  Lots of fun.  Just be safe out there.  It is winter and winter can mess folks up real bad. 

Oh speaking of winter, we will monitor the weather as the event approaches.  Should we have to pull the plug due to a winter storm we will try to let everyone know ASAP.  Let us all pray for good weather. 

Any questions, concerns, or comments please let me know.  My email is:

Later all,

Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 13, 2008, 03:26:33 PM
Supplemental 02/13/08


Here is some info I forgot to mention in the initial report?

The Upper Bunker has about a 1 foot of solid ice in it.  Maybe deeper.  Anyone attempting to use this bunker needs to remain mindful of this.  All we need is a Zamboni and we could have an indoor hockey rink in there.  Bring your sticks and skates.  LOL  We may try to find some planks for it so that folks can walk around in there without falling.  Hopefully.  This summer we will attempt to put a drainage system into the bunker to prevent this from happening in the future. 

The Lower Bunker guarding the washed out bridge is dry, and there should be no issues using it.

The ice in the upper bunker is over the door of the stove.  We will not be able to have the warming fire in the bunker.  Also the 55gal drum we use at the lower station has about 3? of solid ice in it.  Rendering it unusable also.  Thus the warming fires will need to be out on the ground.  Not to big an issue with the snow limiting the fire hazard.  Upon completion of the event the snow should be kicked over the fires so they are put out.

Camping on site is available.  It is primitive and most likely will be very cold.  Some folks have asked about camping Friday night.  That is fine.  Camping Saturday night is also ok, but no one has ever stayed around.  Everyone has packed the vehicles and jetted out right after the battles.

Dima and some others should be on site at 2pm on Friday.  Registration will be open that night for those that want to swing by and get it done.  Look for his Russian squad tent, that will be registration.  Battle fee of $10 will be collected, cards issued and waivers signed there.

That?s about all I can remember for now.  I am sure there is more that I am forgetting.  Keep the questions coming.  This looks to be an awesome event.  We are at 91 pre-registered.  Should be a nice Eastern Front event again, larger than last year.  I just hope mother nature lets us pull it off.   0|


Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 14, 2008, 02:52:00 PM

Here is a site map with the named objectives.  Enjoy.

Title: Re: Indianola, IA - Feb 23, 2008 Eastern Front Battle
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 20, 2008, 04:03:22 PM

All systems are go.  The storm is holding off until late Sunday night into Monday.  Indianola forecast is Sunny and 30 for Saturday.  Gotta like that.

With all the snow we have it should have a great eastern front feel to it.  Just need more birch trees and less thorn trees.  LOL

Updates are located here:

See ya there.

Title: Command AAR
Post by: 416RifleRgt on February 25, 2008, 11:56:32 AM

I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone that attended the Feb 23rd event at Indianola.  It is because of you that our 2nd annual winter battle was a smashing success.

We had 28 Russian/Partisan reenactors register and 27 German.  Add to this the 7 (2 Russian and 5 German) that came in late and that gives us 62.  I am sure there were probably more folks that came in late I missed, but our calculations of 2/3?s of pre-registered individuals was spot on.  We had 93 pre-registered.

I was glad to see the parity in numbers, and thank you to all whose primary impression was German, but decided to wear Russian/partisan for the event.  Of course to the 12th SS spy that was in the 143rd Soviet Engineers, the NKVD has been tipped off to your counter revolutionary activities.  The commander of the 2nd SS told me about you relaying him information in regards to center sector.  The 143rd is now under political suspicion, with arrests and deportations to follow.

Also a pleasant surprise was the firepower the Russian forces are starting to field.  These semi-auto PPSh-41?s are helping close a long time gap that has existed in the hobby.

I only got up to the ?front? to observe a couple times, but what I saw looked great.  Especially when I watched the young partisan attempt to slip through the German lines.  He was promptly stopped and searched.  This revealed he had a satchel charge hidden under his coat that he was going to use to neutralize the lower machine gun bunker.  He was promptly led off and I can only assume executed.

Also another thing that made the day for me was watching the 2nd SS run down the hill from their starting position as soon as I fired the start flare.  They got to the bridge before the engineers got there and gave them fits as they tried to complete the bridge building scenario.

Everyone that attended has my special thanks, but now I would like to recognize some individuals who went the extra mile to help make this event one of the best Eastern Front events around.

Rob ?Dima? Leinweber who wrote the scenarios, made all the signs, created the props.  Then once the event arrived prepped the site and did the sector assignments.  He had done so much for this event that without him it would have been just another run around the woods shooting event.  I am sure I am forgetting to mention other things he had done for the event.  He just does so much.

Dave Ruffcorn who handled the German end of things.  Also event prep.  From what I understand the minefield casualty was something to behold.  Pity I didn?t get a chance to get up there and see it.

Todd Machin who brought down the field kitchen and turned a bunch of groceries into a very good meal.  I don?t think anyone went away hungry, I was pushing them to go back for 3rd?s and 4th?s.  LOL

Nate and Joey who were our chauffeurs.  They saved a lot of folks by ferrying us up and down the hills.  They made it possible to bring the hot food down to the reenactors instead of having the reenactors come to the hot food.  Trust me folks, a hot lunch at these winter tacticals is just so nice.

Greg Piklapp who was our porto man.  His donation of the porto was appreciated.  I am sorry your recent illness prevented you from attending.  You missed the best Indianola event yet.

God who provided the picture perfect weather.  Sunny and 32.  I sat resting that afternoon at the warming station and it was so nice to be warm and in the sun.  The weather had looked dicey at first, but in the end it turned out awesome.

I am sure I am forgetting others.  But to the unit commanders and their soldiers and even to the horses, I say once again.  THANK YOU!

This one will be hard to top, but plans are under way for the 3rd Annual event in Feb 2009.  Any suggestions or ideas please let me know.

Our current improvement goals are to build a footbridge over the creek to replace the washed out one.  To streamline registration so we can process folks much faster.  It?s difficult to sign forms when you hands are numb from the cold.  LOL  And finally to tighten authenticity a bit.  I saw some stuff that shouldn?t have gone out to the field.  And yes that was a post war M69/70 tunic with Motorized Rifles insignia on it.  I have a bunch in my collection.  The lad wearing it did not know what it was as it was just handed to him to wear.  I didn?t see it until lunch.  It got onto the field under a greatcoat or camo and folks saw it when it that was taken off as it got warmer.

There is always room for event improvement.

Anyone that can forward me pictures would be appreciated.  I would like to use them for the website to continue to promote the event.

As always I can be reached at

See you all at the next event.


Dave Pasbrig
Event Coordinator

Oh and as far as the event?  Like the 3rd Battle of Kharkov, the Germans Won.  Unofficial results on the scenarios.  Dima will have the official results later.

Lost Tanker ? Russian Victory as the document case was found by a Russian unit and turned in.
Village of Valky ? German Victory as the Village was destroyed and the citizens eliminated.
Village of Mereoa ? German Victory as the Village was destroyed and the citizens eliminated.
Bridge Building ? Russian Victory as the bridge was built.
Minefield ? German Victory as the minefield was never cleared.
Parachute Supply drop ? This I have not heard the result on.

All the units worked well.  The Germans showed everyone what aggressive action on the field can accomplish.

Good job all!