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Post by: musketiii on December 14, 2007, 12:14:49 PM
I would like to find an auction site for a pair of German boots I bought in Oppenheim in 1962,while stationed there. They look like the Luftwaffe flight boots worn with breeches.They are size 41(stamped on the rubber lug soles) and are 7 1/2 medium. They are lined with soft brown leather.Have pictures available.I wanted to list them on Ebay but could not find a suitable catagory that would attract reenactors. I only wore them a few times in Winter and after I moved to Dallas,just stored them so they are like new. These are post war,I am sure,just looking at the lug soles.For an impression,however,they are perfect and preserve,correctly,original items. Please advise me. John Wilson,Glastonbury,CT.