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Title: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: FrankieV on August 16, 2007, 10:08:03 PM
Hey guys!
Would like to introduce myself my name is Frank Vaccaro, everyone calls me Frankie or Frankie V.  I am 30 years old, located in PA and I have been collecting German stuff for about 12 years now.  I have a fairly nice collection you could say I guess and have always been interested in doing WWII reenacting, but just never got around to getting all the stuff to do it right until now.  I literally stumbled across this forum and signed up!  I have no contacts in reenacting and was hoping that this forum would help me with that weakness.  My dilemma is this I have myself and about 6 other guys (various ages most in mid-20's but I am the oldest! :O>@) we have been looking around at different units to join and most of the guys felt we should start our own unit.  We would defanitely be doing German and we have been thinking of doing a 12th SS unit.  I have been chosen to be the unit CO but I think I am going to be stepping into a minefield here amd into a little more than I can handle!  Whats your guys' opinion?
Thanks alot
Title: Re: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: Antonescu on August 16, 2007, 11:00:18 PM

In this area there are a lot of SS units already. Some good and some bad of course but a lot here (trust me Marsh will agree). Starting your own unit can be done but will not be easy either. I've been working on Romanian for over a year and just starting to see results. It also depends on what you think as well with male and female reenactors. Some units allow female reenactors and others don't so if you have a significant other who is interested this will come into play. Also, your specific location as well. Distance willing to drive to, the type of people you are looking for. Type of unit, total stitch nazi's or authentic but not to the point of getting period underwear. :laugh: After joining a unit already existing I was able to learn a lot and the experience with the Romanian unit is a new experience and challenge each day.
Title: Re: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: Sturmkatze on August 17, 2007, 01:45:19 AM
I'll agree w/ Rob... there are WAY, WAY, WAY to many W-SS units!! As fo rother stuff, there are tons of impressions, but if you've never done reenacting, perhaps you should find a unit that does some of what you're interested in.

Like Rob, I am starting an off-the-wall unit, well a Luftwaffe Field Division unit -- a total anti-elite impression. It's hard and WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE HOBBY. :-0 It's different and not at all like you'd think it would be. I will tell you to tak eyour time, don't just buy shite 'cause it's cheap -- by good stuff and you can go anywhere. Look around, ask around, visit unit websites. DO your research.
Best, Marsh
Title: Re: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: Antonescu on August 21, 2007, 07:48:30 AM
Here are some questions that Iahn of the Blackwatch posted elsewhere. They are good ones to think about.

1) Why do I want to start a new unit? Are there other groups around that I could just as easily join?
2) Is someone already doing the unit I want to do? Can I just form a Company/Platoon/Section of that existing group and save myself some work?
3) What would I be doing differently that would set me apart from the other units in my area?
4) Are other people interested in doing what I am doing? Do you feel that there is enoough of a pool of people in your area to make a new unit viable?
5) Do I have the time to put into a new unit; researching, answering emails, helping out the new people, recruiting, running the thing once it gets going, etc?
6) Have you re-enacting a similar WW2 group before; that is, do you have access to sources, information, materials, etc, that will allow you to faithfully re-create your proposed group? Different periods require the same learning curve, so just having re-enacted a different time really doesn't buy you much of a headstart when it comes to putting your new kit together.
7) Do you have the contacts to get your unit on the invitation list for events? (many events are going the "invitation only" route these days)
Title: Re: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: Heinz Varner on September 06, 2007, 06:59:01 AM
Did you find a unit to join yet?
Title: Re: New Unit or Join somebody else?
Post by: battlebaby4 on November 06, 2007, 08:20:59 PM
I was wonder where you fellows are at in PA. If you are close to Erie ,Pa maybe us GI's in the 99th I.d can help you out.
I agree with my friends here on the board way too many SS units. As  GI's ,common dogfaces we like working with regular German Army units. Most WW 2 Vets remember the common German soldier too.

Pat Tarasovitch.