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Title: Salvatore Vasta IFG
Post by: Philfoster on January 05, 2008, 01:13:09 PM
I would guess this had been on this board before, but has anyone had a positive experience with IFG, run (for lack of a better word) by Salvatore Vasta? I am over a year into a very bad experience. November/December 2006, I paid him 715 Euros for an Italian officer's uniform. I still don't have it, January 2008. He has only responded to my many emails on four dates and provides no information about what has been done or when it will be delivered. Any frank expression by me of dissatisfaction is greeted in his few replies with histrionics and threats and "0" information on what he has done. (I think I can guess.). I have even offered to let him steal half of what I paid if he'll return the other half, 357 Euros, but he won't.
He has no mailing address so getting the authorities involved is problematic. Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone else has any ideas. If nothing else, this will be a heads up that he is still not to be trusted. P
Title: Re: Salvatore Vasta IFG
Post by: Sturmkatze on January 05, 2008, 01:35:27 PM
Alas... I can't remember which forum it was on, but there HAVE been huge threads about him. A few people have gotten their stuff -- most have not. 0| I met him at a reenactment in Maryland once and he wasn't what you'd call "pleasant." >:( (rude and threatening would be a better description)

Here is a forum where they discuss him: SAL VASTA ItalianFront thread (http://<>)

and another: Comments about Sal Vasta (

I am sorry you got "took" but you might want to go to the Reenactors Buyers Guide ( and read/post your experiences.  :police:
Best (and good luck), Marsh
Title: Re: Salvatore Vasta IFG
Post by: Philfoster on January 05, 2008, 01:56:05 PM
Thanks for the reply. I did post a review, (as politely as I could, just facts, no name calling, because I think the facts speak for themselves. It hasn't been posted yet, I checked today.
I hope it gets on because it is current experience and shows this guy is still a poop. I'm betting I never see anything from him (I did have one pror and also bad experience with him in 2005, long delay, about 9 months and much name calling by hi. I would be a complete moron, instead of just a plain moron, to go back but he was the only game in town before I found Sartoria Equipe, who is very good, by the way).  He did actually reply yesterday, after two and a half months of my emails. It was the usual indignant rant and threats with ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION about my uniform. Of course he wouldn't salvage any reputation by refunding even half of what he took, just recited over and over his NO REFUND policy, never mind the implied customers' NO STEALING policy. What a piece of work. P
Title: Re: Salvatore Vasta IFG
Post by: Philfoster on November 05, 2009, 03:16:02 PM
Long time since last post. Mr. Vasta had his usual hissy fit and I pulled a post on the Green Devils board on his assurance. What a joke. Today, I still have nothing. He has my $1100 US. But I cannot access his website so I can only hope it has blown up. Any news of this scallawag?