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1uidbad_hand3Native American reenacting! WOW! The first time I ever saw any NA reenactors was at Military Through the Ages, way back in like 1994 or 95. I remember a group of reenactors sitting around a fire and off to the other side was this guy doing NA. Man! I about crapped, he looked really good and... REALLY serious! I think he had his face done half red and and half black... Just sitting there and looking at people. I will always remember this and though I talked to him in later times (and told him my reaction, much to his amusement), I will ALWAYS remember that night! If only more reenactors would do this impression and do it as good as this guy did...

One thing I have noticed while researching this Time/Area is that there is a real lack of Native American reenactor links. This is just wrong, I don't know why no one posts them, but we ARE! Right now, we have only a few, but over time, I am sure we will get more and more. Please visit the sites we have linked below and tell 'em you saw it on reenactor.Net ;-)

Bad Hand
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Website for Bad Hand, Native American historian, author, lecturer , replica maker. model, actor, stuntman
The Woodland Confederacy (USA, North East)
The Woodland Confederacy is a historical reenactment organization dedicated to portraying Native Americans of the eastern woodlands. With a membership of over fifty friends and families, we depict the native peoples of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from early colonial contact, to the Seven Years War in America (also known as the French & Indian War) through the American Revolution.

Our name signals our diversity: our members portray people throughout the eastern woodlands. Some of us choose our personae from personal interests, others from personal heritage, some from both. Our range of impressions include Abenaki (Micmac, Cowasuck, Pennacook, Sokoki and St. Francis), Iroquois (Mohawk, Caughnawaga Mohawk, Tuscarora, Seneca), Lenape (also known as Delaware), Odawa, Shawnee, and others. Our presentation of native lifestyles and material culture is based on research and study of the period. Our clothing, foodstuffs, and dwelling places are presented as accurately as possible.

Confederacy members attend many historical events. Most are Seven Years War (French & Indian) or American Revolutionary period reenactments. Some members portray a much earlier time period - the 1600's -- as guests of the Dutch on the ship, Half Moon, that sailed up the Hudson. You will meet us at such places as Fort Niagara; Fort Ticonderoga; Saratoga; Fort Monmouth, NJ; Fortress Louisbourg in Nova Scotia; Fort Number Four in New Hampshire, and at events hosted by the British Brigade and the Brigade of the American Revolution. We are honored to be invited to several "invitation only" events each year. In addition, many of us bring educational outreach presentations to local schools and community events.
The Old West of this page is defined loosely as the legend and reality of 19th Century America
 west of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
 and anything and anybody associated with it, past and present.
 After all, the Old West is not really a time or a place but a state of mind.
                                                                                                                                                 Jim Janke

Jim Janke's Emporium is a great site for many topics.  This portion is about the Old West, Native Americans and the Frontier.
This group appears to have sort of went away, but left its great website at this link. Here is their original text and below, what they have there now. Nice useful site. The Onaquaga War Party is a historical reenactment organization dedicated to the portrayal of a group of people living in the village of Onaquaga during the periods of 1755-1770 and 1770-1778; thereafter as refugees in the area of Fort Niagara.

What they say now: These pages are intended to provide some basic information for beginning Woodland Indian reenactors. They are intended as a guide to portrayals of the northeastern tribes, particularly those of the Six Nations, during the latter half of the eighteenth century.

This information should be sufficient to get you started, but is not by any means a definitive guide. The more research you can do into your own particular area, the better your portrayal will be.
Mesawmi (USA, West Virgina)
Demonstrates the lifeways and culture of the 18th century Southeastern Native American Tribes.

Mesawmi is a group made up of mix of Native reenactors (Shawnee, Delaware, etc.) in the West Virginia area. Mesawmi is contently growing and changing.
(HOTAO) is a multicultural, nonprofit organization, offering educational and environmental awareness programs. We are dedicated to preserving the history, culture and traditions of Florida's original native peoples, while promoting respect for Mother Earth. By recreating the world of Florida's First People, we honor the Ancient Ones who once cared for this land.
A historical reenactment organization dedicated to the portrayal of the active period of the British Southern Indian Department in the Colonies-roughly from the middle of the 18th century through the Revolutionary War (American War for Independence). Members of this group portray Southeastern Native people, His Majesty's Indian Department Officers and Employees, Loyalist Rangers and Crown Troops detached in direct support of the Indian Department.

Our portrayal of the Southern Indian Department brings together reenactors portraying both whites and natives to allow a more accurate portrayal of the time period at living history demonstrations, military and civilian historical reenactments, and through public and private exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, and roundtable discussions.  To accomplish this, we help our members grow by sharing research, organizing group events and mentoring of new members.

We are actively seeking new members, both individuals and families, who wish to take on a persona within the bounds of our portrayals.
Crazy Crow Trading Post is pleased to provide this Native American Indian Powwow & Mountain Man Rendezvous calendar listing to both promote these events and organizations and to assist you in learning of them.

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