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I would like to introduce our unit:  the 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment. We are a Living History and Tactical unit that does both Blank Fire reenactments and WWII airsoft events with members in WA, OR, ID, and BC. We do 6-8 events a year and usually one very large event in central CA with our sister units down there. We also have traveled to the east coast for events, and done living history displays and historical tours in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland.

We fight hard in the field and use correct WWII German tactics and German commands. In camp or the barracks we live fully authentically in 1944. We strive for a full time travel experience not just a fun gunfight (though we surely have some very fun firefights!) In fact the battles are only more fun when you work as a real unit with good tactics and proper leadership (most of our leaders are former or current military NCO?s with significant experience, though not a requirement as anyone who shows quality leadership ability and historical knowledge can be promoted through the ranks)

We study history from the INSIDE by doing it and living it as closely as possible. It makes all your books, movies, video games, etc come to life when you find out how all of your equipment and tactics really work. Struggling through the snow and trying to get in position without compromise is a lot harder in real life!

We have a lot of loaner gear including firearms for new people. The basic impression cost is pretty reasonable nowadays, and we give you a year to get all of it. As long as you have half of it and are trying to fill it out and move forward with your impression, we are willing to help you and loan your our extra gear. 

We field real MP40s, Beretta 38a?s, MG34s and MG42s, MP44s, and of course the backbone the K98. Our unit even fields 4 K98s with grenade launchers that shoot rifle grenades over 100 meters! We also have firing Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks. Through our friends we have been able to fire real anti-tank guns and flak guns, fire a real German mortar that launchers tennis balls over 1000 meters, driven armored cars and half tracks, and ridden on tanks!

For airsoft guns we have mostly all the same weapons. At the last two WWII airsoft events we have gone to we also integrated blank fire alongside airsoft guns which was pretty fun, so there was noise AND you could get shot. We have participated in Battlesims Jump to Destiny (Normandy) and Long Winter (Battle of the Bulge) events this last year.

We do blank fire with the PNWHG in Oregon and with our sister unit FJR5 in CA with the RPS and CHG. We have a Facebook page, MySpace page, and a Yahoo Group, that you can make contact and get to know us through.

yahoo group ? this is where all unit business is done, get advice on gear and organize for events.

Facebook page


Fallschirmjager Regiment 6 - Pacific Northwest Fallschirmjager Regiment 6 recruitment and information day
Sunday, March 20, 2011 ? 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Location Seattle WA area

This will be a mid day get together to discuss blank fire and airsoft WWII reenacting for Fallschirmjager Regiment 6.

Come out and see all the gear and guns! have all your questions answered.
Open to all with an interest in FJ reenacting

details on location and time to follow (it will be in the Seattle area)
If there is enough interest we will hold one in the Portland area also.
Spread the word and pass the link on to anyone who may be interested!/event.php?eid=174338302596882
Feldwebel Heidrich


D-Day reenacment

A 100 person combined blankfire and airsoft event, the largest of its kind that we know of.

A few pics of Fallschirmjager Regimnet 6 throwing back the invasion.

Come see us the Fallschirmjager Regiment 6 on Facebook for more pictures.

Or friend me at Gerhard Heidrich on facebook, I have hundreds of original and reenactment photos on my page and am amassing a collection or paper document there for anyone interested in doing repro paperwork.


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