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Greetings one and all,
     As many of you know we have a ground crew unit here in Arizona.  We are a authentic and hard working group with many displays and an annual bomb run where we actually load concrete bombs and have them dropped on a target.  If you are interested please drop me a line.  Our uniforms are thestandard 43 pattern coveralls with either the A-3 cap, A-4 knit cap, shorrt billed HBT cap or civilian pre 40 base ball cap.  Garrison boots will be worn as rough outs cause problems with allowing aircraft fluids to access the feet.  Also either the 41, mackinaw, B-10, B-3, D-1, A-2 or 43 jacket may be worn as we are a unit portraying post 43 ground crew.  Thanks.

Msgt. Scott Dunkirk

Where else can you get to play with airplanes and be part of a living history unit dedicated to the ground crews.



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