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Just got back from helping some WWII reenactor friends, passing out flyers regarding their D-Day reenactment, at Conneaut, Ohio, at their July 4th festival.  Not really an "event" per se, but it was a chance for the Mrs. and I to try something different.  It was pretty cool to see How you WWII guys do things.  --Normally, we do Rev War & 1812 impressions.  So this was really a nice change to actually find usable clothing from thrift & antique shops. That's a real change for us! I was actually passable, excepting my 1812 style sideburns....  While at a pit stop along the way, an elderly guy came up toi me and said that I looked a lot like he did, back in '43.  Kind of gratifying, for my first time out.  I might be adding this time frame to my line up.  It's kinda cool! :laugh:

Where've you been? I told you man, come do WWI :-)

If you are wanting to see the most different  and only one of its  kind of event in WW II reenacting come to the Bridge at Remagen in Tidioute,PA this year August 7th, 2010.
 We look forward to meeting you on the Rhine River, ie Allegheny River.

 Battlebaby Pat


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