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Civilians in WW2 tactical events

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Philonivs Maximvs:
I am on a kick to possibly start doing civilian WW2 (specifically western European displaced persons). I'd just like to get a feel for what people think about such a thing.

I'd have to say it would depend on what you want to do as a civilian.

Philonivs Maximvs:
Of course! Like I said somewhere else, it can be an "anything goes" type of impression, as long as your clothing is authentic for the period and location. Russian peasants wouldn't be wearing too many fedoras and flannels!

I have no problem with it as long as they have a bit of experience at the hobby and know enough not to get themselves hurt.

Civilians were there and in the way at times.   

Let me know how many times you are shot  :P


Philonivs Maximvs:
Haha, yeah, I would expect the "uuleets" to want to get some atrocities in.

Agreed... at least the "leaders" of the civilian group should be experienced reenactors, with a direct line to the commander(s) of the event. That is, unless they are partisan/resistance that have already joined the front lines.


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