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This area is to list the union units out there. This page will expand greatly to more sections as go along and add units.

The Union Army, more correctly, the Federal or U.S. Army, was the land force that fought for the United States during the American Civil War. It was also known as the Northern Army and the National Army. It consisted of the small "Regular Army" and was augmented by units supplied by the Northern states, these composed of volunteers as well as conscripts. The Union Army fought and eventually defeated the smaller Confederate States Army during the American Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865.


When the American Civil War began in April 1861, there were only 16,000 men in the regular U.S. Army, and of these, many were Southern officers who resigned their commissions and joined the Confederate States Army. At this time, the U.S. Army consisted of ten regiments of infantry,

four of artillery, two of cavalry, two of dragoons, and one of mounted infantry. The regiments were scattered widely. Of the 197 companies in the army, 179 occupied 79 isolated posts in the West, and the remaining 18 manned garrisons east of the Mississippi River, mostly along the Canadian border and on the Atlantic coast.

Raising an Army

With the secession of the Southern states, and with this drastic shortage of men in the army, President Abraham Lincoln called on the states to raise a force of 75,000 men for three months to put down the "insurrection." Lincoln's call forced the border states to choose sides, and four of these states then seceded, making the Confederacy eleven states strong. The war proved to be longer and more extensive than anyone North or South had expected, and on July 22, 1861, Congress authorized a volunteer army of 500,000 men The call for volunteers initially was easily met by patriotic Northerners, abolitionists, and even immigrants who enlisted for a steady income and meals. Over 10,000 Germans in New York and Pennsylvania immediately responded to Lincoln's call, and French immigrants were also quick to volunteer. As more men were needed, however, the number of volunteers fell and both money bounties and forced conscription had to be turned to. Nevertheless, between April 1861 and April 1865, at least two and a half million men served in the Union Army, of whom the majority were volunteers.

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The Living History Alliance is a non profit organization that is made up of reenactors, skilled craftsmen and historians who express history through the lives of our forefathers. The groups provides lectures, school programs and events that are historically based representing the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Colonial Militia and both World Wars with period dressed interpreters, artifacts and hands on demonstrations to create realistic portrayals of life during those periods.
The 22nd Massachusetts is one of the largest Civil War reenactor groups in New England. The majority of our members hail from the Greater Boston, South Shore and Cape Cod areas. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to education through an accurate portrayal of the 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the attached 2nd Andrews Sharpshooters. We seek to bring Civil War history to life and to honor the memory of all those who served in the Civil War. We attend encampments and reenactments throughout New England and beyond. Our membership comes from diverse backgrounds. We invite anyone interested in living history and education to join our ranks."
The 8th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry U.S., Co. "E" is a group of dedicated men and women who portray the Federal infantryman in the western theater during the period of the American Civil War. Our primary goal is to educate the public about the weapons, uniforms, tactics and hardships endured by the common Federal soldier in the fight for home and Union.
The 12th New Jersey Company F is a nonprofit American Civil War Re-enacting organization, which strives to accurately portray the common New Jersey Volunteer Union soldier during the time of the American Civil War. Company F is composed of members throughout the state of Florida and is affiliated with the 12th New Jersey Company K in New Jersey. If you have a love for History and would like to join our company, please send an e-mail to MailBox@12NJCoF.US.
The 2nd NY Volunteer Cavalry focuses on an accurate portrayal of the Federal Cavalry of the Civil War and to help preserve the memory of those men.
5th New York "Duryees Zouaves" is recruiting to fill company "D" in Oregon. See our web site at
We do a dual impression of the 5th NY and the 1st Louisiana Special Battalion Co. "B" Wheats Tigers, Family frendly, give us a try!

This Historical Interpretive Unit has served Yearly on Remembrance Day in Gettysburg at The Monument on McPhearson's Ridge, at Major Reenactments that the Original Boys fought, and Performing Gravesite Honors at various Graveyards holding the remains of these Gallant Men. The 149th is an active participant in the Bucktail Brigade and the Mifflin Guard. We are foremost dedicated to the Remembrance of the 149th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry That gave up her precious men on the Battlefields and Prisons in the Great War of the Rebellion, 1861 through 1865, So that this Nation would be preserved as a Nation United. Lest we ever forget!
Battery B is a living history military unit located in Central Pennsylvania portraying a Union Civil War Artillery Battery.  Our goal is to perform within the army regulations of 1861 - 1865

The members, who are all volunteers, recreate the life  of a Civil War Soldier by wearing his clothes, firing his weapons and reliving  history. We do not wear original  uniforms.  There are very good reproductions available, besides,  originals are just too valuable and fragile. Some members do fire  original arms and some fire reproductions.  We try to be as authentic as possible. The unit does other things beside reenactments.  We participate in  parades, honor guards, dedications, anniversaries, or anything which honors and  acknowledges our American Heritage.
We proudly portray the identity of the 6th New Hampshire Regiment of Volunteers Company E, who were recruited from the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire and mustered in November, 1861. They trained and encamped at the Fair Grounds in Keene, New Hampshire, and fought extensively throughout the war. We are the ONLY regiment representing the 6th New Hampshire Volunteers strongly committed to promoting it's history throughout it's original home county and state.
The primary methodology used by the 71st to educate the public is through Living History demonstrations at public events. The 71st also exists to provide a safe and fun family-appropriate environment for its members, and is founded on the principal that there is room in our hobby for a wide range of participation.  As such we do not have an upper or lower age cap, but do require Minors to have appropriate supervision.  We recruit across both Southern California, and Southern Nevada, so please contact us if you are interested in joining our unit
The U.S.S. Fort Henry is a Civil War era Federal Navy reenacting organization. Located in West Central Florida, we portray sailors and marines as a "Naval Infantry" expeditionary force We participate in reenactments, living histories, museum events, school programs, parades, presentations, and memorial services. The original "Fort Henry" served in our area during 1862-1865 and was called the "Terror of the Gulf."
1st Maine Cavalry (Mid Atlantic States USA)
Representing the Eastern Federal Cavalry of the American Civil War with an emphasis on authenticity for over 45 years. The 1st Maine Cavalry reenacting organization was originally formed as 2nd Maine Cavalry in Florida in 1959 for reenacting during the Centennial of the Civil War. Stevens Bunker, the unit's founder, moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1975 and the core of the regiment reformed there. The unit has since taken on the designation of 1st Maine Cavalry and operates mainly in the Pennsylvania-Maryland-Virginia region.
Our group recognizes the union feelings of North Alabama during the Civil War. The Reconstituted First travel to events throughout the southeast to sit around camp all morning and enjoy each others company, fight the afternoon battle, play music all night long, and drink a lot of beer until you start all over again in the morning. You can view their Event Schedule, Pictures, Uniform Standards, Unit Rules, and Unit Bylaws of the First. Information on some of the men in the unit is also on the site. If you read all that and still want to consider it, there is also information on how you can Reenact With Us. Try it once, and you'll be hooked.
Co. D, 3rd US Regular Infantry is a family oriented unit with a devotion to authenticity, but not a fanaticism. We are a main-stream unit with campaigner leanings. Our campaigner group is Co. K.

We focus on events in the region from Gettysburg in the north to Petersburg in the south with occasional forays to Atlanta or WV.

Although we schedule more battle events than living histories, we are always in demand by the local National and State Parks.
A Philadelphia based Civil War reenacting unit. We, the members of the 3rd Regiment Infantry, United States Colored Troops, are a non-profit charitable organization. We are here to educate the masses in the history and service of colored troops of the United States. We participate in living history presentations and battle reenactments.
Our group is based on Long Island and we engage in every conceivable facet of living history including parades, school programs, ceremonial requests, and, of course, reenactments. In addition, we are devoted to keeping alive the spirit of the regiment who we represent and ensuring that our generation does not forget the sacrifices and accomplishments of the men who fought to save our Union. We always take our history seriously...but never ourselves.

Our hobby takes us on long marches through the magnificent countryside of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland where many a real battle has taken place and all the while we never fail to have a good time.

Since our founding in 1998, we have striven to emulate the original soldiers that comprised Company K of the 67th New York Volunteer Infantry, a regiment that was also known as the 1st Long Island Volunteers. The 67th NY is one of several Civil War Reenacting regiments under the Mifflin Guard, a regional organization dedicated to the same goal of living and preserving history.
The 14th Regiment N.Y.S.M. Company E Living History Association is a non profit living history organization incorporated in the State of New York. Our primary goal is to preserve the history of the 14th Regiment N.Y.S.M in the American Civil War. However, we are also actively gathering information on the 14th's involvement in other campaigns throughout it's history.

The 14th is a family-oriented Civil War reenacting group. We participate in living histories, battle reenactments, parades, school presentations, etc.
Co. D., 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters is comprised of members from both Oregon and Washington although it is a Washington Civil War Association (WCWA) unit. Website has many photos of event participation in the Pacific Northwest. In addition the unit works with several community museum and preservation activities. Visit us at our website.
The 102 USCT Co. B. represents the only black unit raised by the state of Michigan. The Group was founded in 1986 in response to the Michigan Sesquicentennial celebration. It has since participated in a number of reenactments, parades and ceremonies in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Canada. Members are from across Michigan.  Membership is open to women as well. Women play the part of the auxiliary and as educators in school scenarios involving children of the group's members.
The 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry is a non-profit organization located primarily in western Oregon, though we have members in central Oregon and California as well.  The club is made up of a diverse group of people who strive to keep American history alive by reenacting Civil War events circa 1863. There are actually three units represented by members of our club, and we are the home unit for the Oregon Fife and Drum Corps as well as many civilian members.
We are a living history organization that focuses on the era of the American Civil War. We portray Federal Infantry, Artillery, and Citizens loyal to the Union. Come learn more about the original 7th Ky Vol Inf, 5th Indiana Lt Artillery, and the Loyal Citizens of Kentucky!
Welcome friends! The New Jersey Civil War History Association Inc. is a non-profit living history organization dedicated to historical preservation, public education, and the personal enjoyment of the reenacting hobby. We find Civil War reenacting to be an exciting and richly rewarding experience, and we hope you will too. Come out and see us at an event and experience the fun and excitement of reenacting for yourself. You just might catch the bug and want to give it a try!
The 38th Regiment of United States Colored Troops (U.S.C.T.), Company D, is a reenactment/living history organization which seeks to accurately portray the life of the black soldiers & civilians during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. We are based in the Richmond & Central Virginia area, & also Northeastern North Carolina. Our unit has been in existance since March, 2001, & our goal is to have no less than 10 active members in the field by March, 2002! We are currently seeking interested men & women who wish to experience a most important part of black history on a first hand basis.
The 21st Michigan is a group of  Union Military, Civilian and Living Historians dedicated to the preservation of the Civil War era.

    Soldier and civilian reenactor members portray 19th Century life through active participation in battlefield reenactments, military and civilian encampments, living history events, parades, educational presentations, and other activities.  Members provide the public a realistic recreation of military service and camp life during the American Civil War era through use of reproduction equipment including "period correct" uniforms and civilian clothing, musical instruments, tents, and camp furnishings.
49th New York Vol. Infantry Co. B (North East USA and Canada)
"The Second Buffalo Regiment"
Organized in October 1990, The 49th New York has already established a reputation for being well-drilled and dedicated to our "hobby".  We are closely associated with other re-enactment units spanning the East Coast.  This also includes our brothers and sisters in Canada.  This enables us to participate in a variety of events with a diversity of historical settings.   Our experiences bring us closer to the life of a soldier in the Army of the Potomac.

Books and pictures can only help you learn... Put on the uniform and you have an EXPERIENCE!  
The 104th Illinois is made up of people from all walks of life. From our youngest members to the oldest, all have one thing in common? a desire to learn as much as possible about the common Western Federal soldier and his daily life during the war. Our camp impression is that of an army on the move using mostly shelter tents.  Some members prefer to bivouac. We don?t use camp furniture other than what may have been found in camps, such as cracker or ammunition boxes. Many members have taken a name from the original roster of the 104th and have been researching and developing first person impressions based on information available about that particular person. The 104th Illinois is always looking for quality recruits, whether new to the hobby or a veteran reenactor.
The Signal Corps Reenactor's Division (SCARD) provides and manages communications and information systems support for the command and control of combined Federal and Confederate forces during staged reenactment battle senerios and living history encampments. Signal support includes Network Operations (information assurance, information dissemination management, and senerio management). Signal support encompasses all aspects of designing, installing, maintaining, and managing information networks to include inter-line and cross-line communications (Which include 1860's period appropriate night and day visual communications as well as electric telegraph communications, and intelligence gathering). The Signal Corps integrate tactical, strategic and sustaining base communications, information processing and management systems into a seamless information network that supports Event Commanders and Hosts with knowledge and confidence for both Armies joint operations.
Civil War reenacting is an exciting and rewarding hobby. The Turner Brigade is a reenactor organization that portrays infantry, artillery, engineer, and medical units of Missouri Union volunteers and civilians of the Civil War period. We are a family-oriented group, with members from all around the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond. Our group is affiliated with and active in the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association, the regional reenactors' group. We participate in battle reenactments and living history events throughout Missouri and in adjoining states. We also participate in other kinds of events, such as memorial services, parades, Boy Scout camporees, and band concerts performing the 1812 Overture. Our commissioned and non-commissioned officers have many years' experience in the hobby and will work with you in getting started. Our multiple units permit our members to learn and experience several period military disciplines. If you have seen Civil War reenactments and thought about participating, or if you are a student of Civil War history and wish you could relive some of it yourself and share it better with others, then us!
Skulker's Mess (Midwest USA)
We are the Skulker's Mess - a growing, hardcore-authentic unit based in the Midwest. Impressions include Federal and Confederate Infantries in all theaters of the war. We also have a first-rate company impression as an early-war militia unit. We regularly participate with units like the Mudsills, Bully Boys, High Privates, Smokey Row Mess

The Skulker's Mess is a group of Civil War re-enactors/living historians out of the Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kansas area. We portray Federal, Confederate and civilian, but most importantly we try to do it authentically. Our favorites are Missouri Confederate "Camp Jackson Boys" and Illinois Federal "Egyptian Tigers".
2nd Regt. U.S. "Berdan's" Sharpshooters Company C (Midwest and Atlantic States USA)
Company C, 2 nd Regiment, U.S.S.S. a living history and reenactment group (and registered 501(c)(3) educational organization) whose mission is to educate the public and preserve the memory of the men who served with the First and Second Regiments of United States Sharp Shooters (Berdan?s) during the American Civil War.

We achieve our mission by volunteering our time to portray the U.S. Sharp Shooters at National Park Service events and at various local Historical Societies; through presentations at Civil War Roundtables and other educational venues; by conducting research for descendents; and through various other activities such as monument and grave stone clean up and restorations.

While we are named for and organized around the Pennsylvania company of Sharp Shooters (Co. C, 2nd Regt.), our goal is to honor all the men of the U.S.S.S. and our members reside in a number of states including: Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
Welcome to the home of CGAR: Canadians in the Grand Army of the Republic.  We are a group of Canadian re-enactors who honour and preserve the memory of the Union portion of the 50,000 Canadians, who fought and served in the War between the States. To our knowledge, we are the largest group of Federal infantry re-enactors in Canada. We also have the honour of being associated with two companies in the United States -- Company B and Company H who also portray the 49th New York.
The 4th, Co. K is just starting and is looking for any members of any age. We will be drilling alongside the 4th Michigan Co. A this winter. We will also be getting a flag and recruiting post at CrossRoads Village. Please contact us at

The 4th's Song
" Oh, Somebody better tell the rebs to watch themselves, Cuz when the 4th comes we'll give 'em hell!! give 'em hell give 'em hell give 'em hell in dixie! "
Brady's Michigan Sharpshooters, based in Northern Virginia and Maryland is a unit of Civil War reenactors dedicated to introducing people to the fun and history of Civil War reenacting.
The 81st P.V.I., Co. K is always on the lookout for a few good Union men and women to join us in bringing the Civil War to life through parades, living histories, encampments, battle reenactments, and research.

We are a family oriented group.  Our impressions range from drummer boys, to infantrymen, to a variety of civilian portrayals. We are a proud member of the Mifflin Guard.

Our Organization portrays the men of Company "A" "the "Greene County Rifles" originally recruited in Greene County Pennsylvania. We visit schools and community organizations in an attempt to keep this vital part of history alive. We also take part in local and national re-enactments. We are a member of the Mifflin Guard, a national Civil War re-enacting organization.
The ACWHRS, or American Civil War Historical Re-enacting Society, is a non-profit living history organization based in South Western Ontario, and is dedicated to preserving and exploring the memory of Canada's contribution to the War Between the States. Between 1861-1865, approximately 50,000 subjects of Her Majesty Queen Victoria left the Dominion of Canada to enlist in America's bloody civil conflict. The majority of these men served in the Union armed forces, enlisting in regiments organized in the northern border states. Four Canadians attained the rank of general in Union service, and twenty-nine were awarded the Medal of Honor. Some also enlisted to fight for the Confederacy, and so Canadians too fought brother against brother. Today very few Canadians know about this chapter in our history, or about the men whose bones rest in quiet cemeteries in Ontario, New York, Virginia, or in thousands of graves known only to God.

As living historians, or reenactors, we stage mock battles but, much more importantly, are dedicated to exploring and recreating the daily lives of soldiers and civilians from this era. We strive for a high degree of authenticity in our portrayals (we call them, impressions), and our members have amassed a high degree of knowledge and research. We frequently participate in events in the United States, and actively contribute to the cause of preserving America's battlefield heritage.
We are Company H, 119th New York Volunteers Historical Association.  The Association is made up of people that have an interest in American history and in particular the history of the American Civil War and the relationship of that war to the people of Long Island.  Within the association there is Company H also known as Willis Company and The Long Island Soldiers Aid Society.  The Association is a 501 (c) 3 non-for-profit organization.  The Association is the Business part of the organization and we maintain a substantial collection of artifacts that pertain to the 119th NY and Long Island?s role in the Civil War.  Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.
13th US Infantry Co. A (Midwest Southern USA)
Members of the 13th US teach history in a whole new way. As amateur historians, we portray a Regular Army infantryman from the 1860's and bring him to life by imitating as authentically as possible the dress and manner of that time. We introduce the public to what it was like in that era through our military persona, drill, and customs.

Our travels take us to places where monumental events occurred. We encounter fascinating people who share our mutual interest in history; thus, making close connection as we relive a slower-paced world by "stepping back in time."  Members of the 13th US are part of a close-knit family where friends become comrades.  You quickly rely on one another and together we honor the memory of those soldiers who sacrificed for their country during America's most turbulent period.
The 145th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company D was organized in the spring of 1996 as a living history unit for Millcreek Township School District.  Students from the schools were able to take part in Civil War living history.  Since, the 145th PVI Company D has grown and now participates in Civil War reenactments as well as living histories.

All unit members follow authenticity guidelines initially set up when the unit was formed.  The primary goal of the 145th is to keep the spirit of reenacting alive by remembering why we reenact, and by reenacting together.  Many of the unit guidelines are similar to those from the Civil War.  Officers in the unit are appointed by higher ranking officers.  Unit NCO's hold their rank for a period of two years in the unit.  The commanding officer of the unit takes charge of all meetings, allowing all unit members to enjoy the reenacting hobby with having as few politics involved as possible.  
The 17th Connecticut Co.H reenacting unit portrays an actual Federal unit that was stationed in Florida during and shortly after the War Between the States. We are based out of Brooksville but include members from throughout Central Florida. The 17th's event schedule includes most events in Florida as well as reenactments throughout the southeast United States. We are a family-oriented unit and encourage the participation of the wives and children of the soldiers.
Today's 1st Nebraska is a reenacting unit whose purpose and goal is to ensure that the memories of those Nebraskans who served in the Civil War will be remembered and honored. Members of the unit hail from Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Through displays, living history, and battle reenactments the public is able to learn of the sacrifices that Nebraska made during this horrible conflict.
Serving with the 2nd Corps of the Army of the Potomac, Battery B participated in most or the major battles of the Civil War. Our members endeavor to preserve the legacy of those men through, parades, re-enactments, educational programs, living history programs, and memorial services. We emphasize the authenticity of period dress, military drill and camp life, to create the experience of life in the mid 19th century. You are invited to visit our website to learn more about us, and the history of the original battery. We are a family oriented unit and would enjoy having you join us at one of our upcoming events.
From the countryside of Virginia to the hallowed ground of Gettysburg to historic towns across New England, today's 28th Massachusetts honors the memory of the original regiment at reenactments, parades and living history encampments throughout the year
The Mifflin Guard (Mid Atlantic States USA)
The Mifflin Guard is a nonprofit organization of volunteer Civil War Reenactors who have an active interest in historic preservation and interpretation. We have chosen to portray the Federal soldiers of the American Civil War. The Mifflin Guard's membership is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Units and individuals that constitute the Mifflin Guard are dedicated to presenting American Civil War history accurately and are actively involved in historic preservation issues. If this sounds like what you or your Civil War reenactment organization is interested in, the Mifflin Guard may be what you are looking for!
First New Jersey Light Artillery, Clark?s Battery ?B?, is an active Civil War Living History, Re-Enacting, and live fire competitive shooting organization. It is an established North ? South Skirmishing Association (N-SSA) Member team.

Reactivated as a non-profit organization in the State of New Jersey in 1958, the battery strives to recreate itself as an authentic Civil War artillery unit. The Battery uses the original history of Battery ?B? of the First New Jersey Artillery, a Civil War unit commissioned in 1861, and originally designated 2nd Independent Battery, New Jersey Light Artillery, to look and act just like an authentic civil war artillery battery.

Our favorite activity, skirmishing, comprises of team and individual competitive shooting sports with original and authentic reproductions of Civil War firearms.

Matches include the Musket, Carbine, Repeating Rifle, Revolver, Smoothbore, Mortar, and our favorite event, the cannon matches. Individuals and teams shoot for score on a variety of paper and breakable targets.
Company B of the Bucktails is dedicated to preserving the memory of all those brave soldiers who fought for the Union, particularly the men from the Duncannon, Pennsylvania area. Company B strives to create authentic portrayals of the Civil War soldier and civilian. The unit participates in a multitude of Civil War related events such as battle reenactments, living histories, parades, demonstrations, and lectures. Members of the unit are available for presentations to various community and educational organizations free of charge. We are also actively involved in various Civil War preservation projects.

While we strive to be authentic, we are also a family oriented unit based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We believe that a hobby or avocation as compelling as Civil War reenacting ought to be shared by the family and not just the men. Consequently we usually maintain two camps at events--one that is strictly military and one in the civilian area where all civilians camp as well as those soldiers who choose to camp with their families.

Company B was formed approximately 9 years ago with 9 men. It has continued a slow, gradual growth to where we now have close to 40 members, military and civilian. The core of the unit resides in the Central Pennsylvania area but we have members from  Pennsylvania (Philadelphia to Pittsburgh); Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. There is very limited activity in the Harrisburg area itself, so where you live isn't all that important. We are actively recruiting new members. We believe we are one of the best reenactment groups in the state and , as a member of the Mifflin Guard , belong to the best battalion sized unit in reenacting.
The 28th Massachusetts Regiment is part of the Southern Skirmish Association (SoSkAn) the UK?s longest standing American Civil War Re-enactment and Living History Society having been founded in 1968.

SoSkAn is a charitable educational organisation based in the U.K whose purpose it is to recreate a living history of the American Civil War and to honour those brave souls who fell in the 1861-65 war.

In 2005 we formed the U.S. Marine Detachment* with help from the coordinator of Marines aboard the USS Constellation in Baltimore Harbour USA.

The Constellation is the last surviving Civil War ship still afloat, we are the first living historians to portray U.S Civil War Marines in the UK!

We were recently invited by Indigo Films (USA) to take part in a two hour dramatised documentary called ?USS Constellation: Fight for Freedom? to be shown on the History Channel.

We are presently 14 men strong and growing!
The 29th Ohio Historical Association was formed in 2009 by a group of seasoned re-enactors, desiring to honor the memory of those men from Summit County, Ohio who fought in the Civil War. As an association, we are more than just a group of re-enactors. Our events include not only reenactments, but also historical presentations about the history of the 29th OVI  and educational presentations for homeschool groups, public schools, boy scouts and community groups. We have been involved in parades, memorials, monument dedications, and acted as color guard for local historical events. We enjoy studying and researching the history of the 29th, visiting historical sites, and touring battlefields.  We would also like to consider doing GAR impressions.
The 29th Ohio Historical Association is a family orientated group encouraging those families who wish to participate together, either as re-enactors or historians. As re-enactors, we stress authenticity and strive to help those who are new to the hobby. As historians, we enjoy taking our families on excursions and learning more about those who fought in the Civil War. If you would like to join the 29th or learn more about us, please visit our site.
Civil War Alliance (Southern CA USA)

The Civil War Alliance is an informal association of independent reenactor units that work together to participate in sponsored reenactments.  Military reenactors, primarily from the Union Army of the West and the Confederate Army of the West, and associated civilian reenactors, join forces and participate in quality events throughout Southern California.  These events are, quite simply, the largest and best Civil War reenactments in the region.  

The Civil War Alliance strives to make certain that, when both reenactors and spectators attend these events, they will find them to be an informative, authentic, and satisfying experience.  
The TMLHA was formed in July, 2000 by veteran reenactors and Living History interpreters from Southeastern Virginia, including active duty, veteran and retired Marines, Navy and Coast Guard, families and friends. Our group is based in the Tidewater, Virginia area, but has members from Georgia and Massachusetts. Ours is currently the only LH organization who portray a US Revenue Cutter crew.
We portray the average soldier fighting in one of Berdan's Regiments of Sharpshooters during the Civil War.

Today's Company H is primarily from Long Island, New York. Company H recruits members from the surrounding areas and reenacts mainly on the East Coast. We are proud members of the Union Volunteers. Visit us on FB:
We are a nonprofit U.S. Civil War Reenactment organization. The purpose of this organization is to foster patriotism in the minds and hearts of the public exemplified by ceremonies, parades, living history demonstrations and battle reenactments commemorating the American Civil War. The members of our unit are men and women who strive to recreate civilian and military impressions of the civil war period in dress, arms, equipment, and drill. Membership to our organization is open to any person of good character interested in our purpose. The Ninth Indiana is a member of the Cumberland Guard. The Ninth Indiana is based in Northwestern Indiana, our membership spans the Chicagoland to Indianapolis area.
The First Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment has been an active living history group since its formation in 1972. The organization is made up of dedicated volunteers who have an interest in the history of the Civil War period and strive to accurately portray the life of the common soldier or civilians from the State of Maryland. The First is involved in living history demonstrations, authentic encampments, educational lectures, ceremonial events, and battle reenactments across the Mid-Atlantic region.   Occasionally, the unit travels beyond the mid-Atlantic as the ELF Mess. The group takes part in programs regularly in national and state parks; a privilege reserved for organizations with high state discipline and authenticity. A wide variety of events take place every year. The First designates one event each month as a company event, at which we urge our members to turn out.
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