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"Battle of the Nations" (Battle of the Nations ?) is an international project within which the most significant world events concerning historical medieval battles, particularly large-scale and spectacular historical festivals which are actually the world championships on  historical medieval battles (HMB) are held. The most experienced and highly trained National Teams from all over the world who practice HMB take part in these historical festivals.
Viking Invasion (Texas USA)
Viking Invasion is a group of Viking Age re-enactors led by the Texas Elag. Our group is dedicated to bringing Viking Age History to life through Live-Steel Combat, Ancient Craft, and Authentic Daily life demonstrations. We are composed of fighters, craftsman, storytellers, historians and other Viking Age enthusiasts. We are always open to new members, read more to see how you can become part of Living History. Become of member of Brotherhood of Jomsborg today!

Founded in 1971, The Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK, and probably the world. With over 700 members throughout Britain, and others in Europe and the US, The Vikings are the premier society presenting re-enactments of the Viking Age. While the Society concentrates mainly on the 10th Century, some events are set in the wider period from 790 to 1066, with the appropriate modifications to dress and equipment used. Our aim is to provide an accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking period, with an equal emphasis on the daily life of the period, and on the more warlike aspects of life in what was a formative period in European history.

Our events are renowned for the high standard of presentation, historical accuracy and attention to detail, and for the scale and impact of our combat displays, as well as for our extensive static displays which present a cross-section of life in the tenth century. Whether you are interested in booking The Vikings for your event, coming to watch our displays, joining the ranks of our membership, or studying the Viking Age in either an educational or personal setting.
The Wars of the Roses Federation (WOTRF) is an umbrella group comprising of approximately thirty-five mediaeval groups(each group averaging 26 members). During the season the WOTRF hosts from two to four events the most notable being the Battle of Bosworth 1485 in August located at Bosworth Battlefield Visitors Centre near Hinckley (Leicestershire)sponsored by Leicestershire County Council.
In 2005 the WOTRF took part in the 800th Anniversary of the Huntingdon Charter and also the 550th Anniversary of the Battle of St Albans culminating in a street skirmish in the town centre. The Fed have also ran or taken part in the 550th anniversary reenactments of Blore Heath, Towton and Mortimer's Cross. Additionally each member group has their own events, which although not hosted by the WOTRF may include other membership groups. The WOTRF tries to be as authentic as possible in portraying living history, cameos, drill displays and battle re-enactments. Its member groups abide by a strict dress standard and safety rules.
Ravensborg Vikings (MidWest USA)
Ravensborg is a viking/dark age living history site in the form of a viking hill-fort.  Members of several different viking age groups from all over North America and the UK use this site to gather for immersion living history.  We continue to build onto the site.  Our goal is to be able to come together for feasting, fighting, and camaraderie with others that share our love of Northern European History in the years 750 to 1100 AD.

Generally all of our groups participate in "live steel combat", meaning we fight competitively in non-scripted battles using rebated steel weapons.  Participation in this combat is not a requirement for membership or attendance.  It is just something that most of us enjoy doing.  :)

The fighting method used is most often referred to as "the fives" for the most common offensive combat moves used, but each group has adapted this system to their own preferences.  We have found that as all the groups have the same basic system they mesh well when we do mass combat demonstrations here at Ravensborg.

Our "authenticity" standards for kit (clothing and accouterments) is set by individual groups, but generally parallels the kit standards set by the "Vikings UK".  We are not a fantasy viking group and don't accept such nonsense as horned helmets, fur vests, etc.  Our set Ravensborg standard is for folks to wear the best kit they have and to have a willingness to make it better for the next visit.  This has worked out well for us thus far.

Here at Ravensborg we have two annual events (other events may be scheduled by request of individual groups including those that are not as history oriented as we are).  "Return of the Sun" is in April and the "Return of the Dead" is in October.  For more information on our events or to see our galleries and videos please see our web page.

Lastly, viking age reenactors are welcome to attend our events whether or not they are members of a group or attending as individuals.  All are welcome to attend with no site or usage fees.  Attendance is free.

If you need additional information please feel free to contact me personally from the "contact us" page of the Ravensborg site.

Sam (Guran)
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