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Middle Ages and Renaissance
Links by Time Period

Please send suggestions, comments and corrections regarding this Time-Area to: . For more information regarding individual groups, please contact them directly.

All of the following concentrate on living history except where noted.

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Ancient Arts Fellowship (Canberra, ACT, Australia)
400-1200 Demos, combat demos, crafts. We are a medieval reenactment group based in Canberra, Australia. We specialise in the re-creation of dark ages European society and combat. We aim to promote greater understanding of history, and to this end, give displays of medieval life and combat to schools, fetes, and the like.

We also hold two or three dark age feasts each year, and support other medieval groups in their activities. We publish a semi-regular magazine called The Troubadour, and we're able to provide information useful to students, other medieval groups, and all those interested in history.

One of the main attractions of the club for many new members is our medieval combat. We train our fighting members to fight safely using swords, axes, spears, and a variety of other medieval weapons.

But fighting is not all there is to the club. We hold regular craft workshops where we make (and repair) armour and weapons, try dark ages recipes, sew costume, and re-create real dark ages objects such as furniture, ornaments and household items.
Northern Medieval Association (New York, Northeast USA)
The Northern Medieval Association is a Living History Organization interested in researching and reconstructing aspects of the medieval time period. The period of interest is the 5th to 15th centuries spanning any culture group. The NMA is broken down into separate factions with each faction representing one culture spanning one century.
500 - 1500 AD, Europe. Includes the following living history units: Celtic, Viking, Saxon, Irish, Frankish & a Viking Longship group with replica ships. Theatrical fighting, fratricidal (rattan) fighting, crafts, culture & combat demos.
The Longship Company, Ltd. is a non-profit educational organization devoted to increasing understanding and knowledge of the life, culture, technology, commerce, and exploration of the early northern European seafarers and those with whom they came into contact. Central to the activities of the Longship Company are authentic reconstructions of Viking era ships.
The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Our "Known World" consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.

600-1600 concentrating on Western Europe. Crafts, rattan fighting. Members form smaller units to do a specific time period in varying degrees of authenticity. See their main site to find a group in your area.
800 - 1650 Europe. Arts & combat; culture & combat demos.
850 - 1150 Regia Anglorum US site - Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Dane, Norse, Cymru, Viking and Norman living history.
Hurstwic (Northeast USA)
900 - 1066 Their aim is to study and accurately re-create the life of the people living in northern Europe during the Viking Age. They are the first local group of Geforthian Strand, the North American branch of Regia Anglorum.
Magyar, English, Italian, Turkish. Concentrating on bow/archery bow/archery demonstrations.
950 Viking, Saxon.
Black Raven (Russia?)
9th - 11th century Scandinavia & Russia. Site in Russian.
Regia Anglorum (UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA)
950 - 1066 AD. Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Viking & Cymru.
Viking. Combat demos, crafts.
IG Wolf (Germany)
1193, 3rd crusade. Living history. Germany. Site in German & English.
1240 - 1270 - Living history group portraying everyday life in the 13th century in the Berlin-Brandenburg area (Marca brandenburgensis) under the reign of the Askanian Markgrafen Johann I and Otto III. Mostly in German, some English. Articles in German, photos under 'Galerie'.
The Exiles is a Martial Arts School based in London England with several study groups around the UK and Europe. We teach a workable and full martial curriculum to students that enables them to both fight just as those who were originally trained in our Arts and to a level that they could rely upon their skills to defend themselves in modern-day situations.

To that end, members of the School aim to learn all of the skills involved in life or death combat, including:
- Unarmed Striking and Grappling
- Dagger attack and defence
- Longsword in one and two hands
- Poleaxe and Spear Weapons

These skills are taught both in and out of armour.

Our primary study is focused on the 600 year old historical work of Master Fiore dei Liberi. The martial system Fiore laid down is very no-nonsense in approach and the Exiles learn the Art with this mentality in practice.

The system and techniques we practice from Fiore's work have been researched not only by members of our group for over 15 years but also by members of many other groups and societies, with whom we often work to further our common goal of studying European Martial Arts. Although it is a relatively recent development, this community of like-minded groups is growing rapidly, encompassing members from all areas of combat study and mainstream martial arts from across the world.

Training with the Exiles can be as intense as a member wishes, lessons are structured and personal curriculums form the basis of progression through the art.
The Grey Company (Perth, Western Australia)
The Grey Company is a group based in Perth, Western Australia, which puts on displays of historical reenactment focusing on the Dark Ages and Medieval times.

Most of our displays are centred on the so-called Dark Ages of European History (600-1100AD).

While our displays are primarily of weapons and combat, we are not a martial arts group, concentrating more on entertaining an audience than on the competitive use of weapons.

Our 15th Century shows specialise in the War of the Roses when England was torn apart by a War of Succession, and we can perform in full plate armour or in our soft kit (particularly when the weather is hot).
Dark Ages ? Vikings, Celts, Saxons, Normans and Saracens. The main focus of the club, we?ve been doing this for over 25 years and we?re still the best at it.  Sometimes the Vikings invade the Saxons, sometimes the wayward Celts stumble upon some venturing Normans, and sometimes they all gang up to travel south and beat up on some Saracens.

We also do:
-Swashbuckling Pirates
-Highland fighting with Jacobites and English
-The Crusades - Templars and Saracens

Apart from entertaining, we also try to educate members of the public about life as it really was in days long past. Where possible we are happy to arrange displays for schools where children have the opportunity to see and feel items which they would otherwise only learn about from books.

Most of the clothing, weapons and armour are made by members of the group. Finding out how to do this involves some of the members of the group in detailed research in areas of history, as well as the practical aspects of actually making items. To help with this we hold regular workshops primarily for the production of clothing and equipment including weapons and armour.
13th c. Italian. Living history concentrating on the "common people", they typically portray town guards. Site in Italian & English.
13th-15thc. Steel combat demos.
1327-1422 - Hundred Year's War & Peasants' Revolt.
1350-1490. Living history concentrating on siege camp.
La Belle Compagnie (MidLant USA)
1337 - 1453 - Hundred Years War, English. Living history portrayal of a knight's military company and civilian household, concentrating on the year 1382.
1361 (Order of the Garter) and 1461 (King's Household). Steel combat demos.
1370 England; "knights and soldiers of John of Gaunt". Living history, combat.
Ye Companie of Yeomen Archers (Southwest coast USA)
Concentrate on Wars of the Roses.
15th c. Wars of the Roses. Recreate 15th century life, emphasis on military living history.
15thc Wars of the Roses. Primarily battle reenacting.
15th c. Burgundy. The Company of the Wolfe Argent is dedicated to portraying the members of the Second Chambre of the Third Escadre of the Tenth Company of the Ordonnances of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, their families, and the support personnel of the company. The company is known and represented by its violet standard with St. Julian the Hospitallar at the hoist.
15th c. Combat demos, battle reenactment.
1400 - 1485 Wars of the Roses.
1460 - 1480 Usually Burgundian. Demos at museums and castles.
The Companie of Saynt George is an historical reenactment group whose members agree to work together to recreate in the most faithful manner possible the costume, equipment, daily life and training of a small garrison or travelling company of artillery in camp, with their escorts, helpers, craftsmen and followers during the third quarter of the 15th century.
1475-1500. civilian & military living history.
16th c. Theatrical/historical reeenactment- Renaissance faires in California, USA.
Calderon's Company (Florida, USA)
16thc. Spanish (Hernando de Soto) in La Florida (New World).
1500-1534 Italy. Site is in Italian.
Takeda Samurai (Germany)
16th century Japanese Samurai (Muromachi era). Military and civilian living history, Iaido (sword-fighting) presentation, Origami (paper- folding), & dances. Dusseldorf, Germany. Site in German & English.
1504 Landsknechts. Site in German.
1515-1530 Italian mercenary company (Wars of Italy). Site in Italian.
1560 - 1603 England.
We are the Outremer Society, an 11th-13th Century reenactment group recreating life in the Outremer during the crusades.

While we are based in Montana where we are building a medieval village, we portray a Syrian village outside Tortosa (Tartus) during the era of Templar occupation.

We allow any persona who could have came to Tortosa, from Saracens to Templars, to pilgrims of far off lands. We are inclusive of other societies and cross participation of other groups.

We are a non-profit, and a volunteer group that pays members with pewter currency that has value within our "village". We are unlike other societies in that we are ruled by a ecclesiastic authority and not a "royal" authority.  We have no nobles but welcome guest nobles of other societies to our lands of Tortosa.

We do allow membership in other states but are based in Montana.
We are Vikings of the Great Lakes, a Michigan-based group of Dark Ages enthusiasts.  Not quite at the authenticity level of the UK/Europe, but we're headed in that direction.

Our focus is on educating the public about the Viking Age, but any of the peoples of Northern Europe can be represented (and the odd Arab trader, etc.  we're flexible within the 800-1100 AD time frame).  

If you're handy with a needle & thread, you can be a part of the group for <$100.  Seriously.  And there are NO DUES or fees of any kind.  All we ask is that you demo a craft/skill at events.
Typically, we encamp at local Renaissance Faires, Celtic Festivals and the like.  
Magnus Kompanie (Midwest USA)
Magnus Kompanie is a family friendly living history/ re-enactment group specializing in Central Germany during their high-gothic era, during Pre-Modern, late medieval, early Renaissance;  1471-1479.

We welcome anyone interested in the history of pre-modern Germany, or Medieval and renaissance.  The group has several craftsmen and we recreate 90% of everything we use, including period-correct clothing, footwear, camp equipment, furniture, weapons and armour.

We specialize in giving oratory about the life and times of people in Central Germany, specifically the city of Kassel, land of Hesse, during the times of feudal strife leading up to the reformation.  The group sets up camp to portray soldiers and support (camp followers, sulters, etc).  We exercise authentic combat techniques in a safe environment.

"Stick-jockeys" are not welcome.  We perform combat scenarios in front of the public in a controlled environment.  We will not allow anyone who might cause injury to themselves, the other members, the public, etc.  This is not the SCA.

We are easy to get along with and family-oriented.  Out standards for new members is relaxed and our group can help new members create, or purchase what they need to fit in at camp.

Membership is based in Northwest Ohio, USA; and the surrounding areas.  We have several other 15th and 16th century re-enacmtment groups that we are friends with and camp with at events.  We attend at least one timeline event, where we visit with friends in other eras.  So there is always plenty of fun to be had and new people to meet!  

We are a very social group; relaxed and fun!  

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