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Here, we've got some movies of this period (more to come) and we hope you'l like them. See how we've even reviewed them for you ;- And... if reading on this period and you possibly even buy a movie from us through our association with, you'll help support reenactor.Net (and our surprisingly HIGH server bill) AND this keeps the site free.

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Movies: Video and DVD's


The Mountain Men -- Charleton Heston and Brian Keith... need we say more? Waugh! This is a "must-own" for any Frontier video library! If you are interested in the mountain men and fur trappers, then you must get this movie!

The Last of the Mohicans -- The Last of the Mohicans is an epic. The cinematography alone almost guarantees it. Although different in many ways from the book, the film is a terrific adaptation of James Cooper's novel. The realism of the period, was totally convincing. And... they used a LOT of reenactors in this movie!

The whole movie was pretty good and we hardly feel like we need to give a synopsis of this movie, as the story is so well known. Look, if you like the Frontier, F&I and Colonial stuff, you'll like this movie!

Jeremiah Johnson -- After they first worked together on the 1966 film This Property Is Condemned, director Sydney Pollack and Robert Redford continued their long-lasting collaboration with this 1972 drama set during the early-1800s, about one man's rugged effort to shed the burden of civilization and learn to survive in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.

Will Geer is perfectly cast as the seasoned trapper who teaches Jeremiah Johnson (Redford) how to survive against harsh winters, close encounters with grizzly bears, and hostile Crow Indians. In the course of his adventure, Johnson marries the daughter of a Flathead Indian chief, forms a makeshift family, and ultimately assumes a mythic place in Rocky Mountain folklore.

Shot entirely on location in Utah, the film boasts an abundance of breathtaking widescreen scenery, and the story (despite a PG rating) doesn't flinch from the brutality of the wilderness (Meaning that it shows all Indians as noble peoples and pretty much all white people and settlers as violent, degenerates, etc.). In addition to the original theatrical trailer, remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, and informative production notes, the DVD also includes The Saga of Jeremiah Johnson, a promotional documentary on the making of the film.

*A Marsh note: The 1970's hippy-style background singing and somewhat anti-American-ness of this flick, along with the fact that it bears no real resemblence to the real story it was taken for should be noted.

A Man Called Horse -- This 1970 film stars Richard Harris (The original Professor Dumbledore to you young whippersnappers...) as an English Lord in the American West in 1825. He is captured by the Sioux Indians where he is first humiliated, but learns the Indian way of life, participates in the very painful o-kee-pa ritual (Souix Medicine Ritual, wherein they're a hangin' from sticks punched through his skin...), finds love and teaches the Indians a thing or two about war (Waugh!).

In the cast: In addition to Richard Harris there's Dame Judith Anderson from Australia, cast as Buffalo Cow; Corinna Tsopei, a former Miss Universe from Greece, cast as Running Deer; Manu Tupou, a Polynesian from the Fiji Islands cast as Yellow Hand (you could do anything in the '70's).

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