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Civil War Research Sites and Links

Welcome to reenactor.Net's Civil War Research Sites and Links section.

Alas... this page is still a bit weak, but we're working on it! We plan to try and do a thorough rework one of these days, but this is a long slow process, so please have patience. We have checked most of these links and fixed them (well, there might be a bad one or two, but...). We have a LOT more to add! Also, we need some text with each link, so if this is your site, or you can write it for us, please, let us have a paprgraph on each link ;-) Send us the text (and which link it's for to

If you have a site we should be listing here, or know of a good Civil War website that we don't list, please fell free to let us know. Better yet, click the link below to use the add-link form! And Please feel free to report all broken links to us.

If you know a great Civil War site that isn't listed, or have the new link of a broken one below, please let us know by filling out the form here. Thanks!!!

American Civil War Homepage

American Civil War Page

American Civil War, The

Army of Virginia and the Army of the Potomac 1861-1865

Bob Koch's U. S. Civil War Site

Civil War Archive

Civil War Book News

Civil War Diaries

Civil War History

Civil War in Miniature

Civil War Lighthouse Chat

Civil War Medicine

Civil War Miscellany

Civil War Mysteries: Home of the Unknowns

Civil War Photography Center

Civil War Quiz Game

Civil War Series

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Civil War Traveler

Eye of the Storm

Financing the Civil War

History Place: The U.S. Civil War 1861-1865

Images of the Civil War

Institute For Civil War Research

Jews in the Civil War

Last Salute

Malcolm's Civil War Battlefield Photos

McSwain's Civil War Relics

Mike's Civil War

Rosters and Military Sources

Scartoons: Racial Satire and the U.S. Civil War

Selected Civil War Photographs

Songs and Poems of the Union

Texts about the American Civil War from the Modern English Collection

This Week in the Civil War

Time Line of the Civil War

Trial of Captain Henry Wirz

U.S. Civil War Discussion Port

United States Civil War

US Smallpox Hospital - Minton House

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