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Here is the PayPal link for reenactor.Net. You may use it to send us a payment for an ad this way or donate some of your hard-earned money to ensure reenactor.Net can keep keep the lights on. If you send us money by PayPal, please e-mail me at and let me know you have sent it, as it is linked through another e-mail address.

For those of you generously wanting to help out with our scarily-high server bill, please either use PayPal, one of the Convenient buttons below or you can just send it to our regular e-mail addy below.

Thanks, Marsh

Snail-mail address is:

c/o: Marsh Wise
259 Grove Dr.
Shippensburg, PA 17257

To be a regular supporting member of reenactor.Net, it is only $3.00 Really, just a measly $3. through paypal. If even a fraction of our visitors would do this we'd be in great shape.

reenactor.Net Supporter Plus--To donate more than the the supporting member amount -- an amount of your choosing, this your choice.

To be a reenactor.Net Supporting Unit, it's $40.00 for which your unit will be recognized on the Honor Page AND on the units page. Plus, you'll get to display a stunning (okay, nice) graphic we have yet to make on your website. And be sure to let us know what unit you are in, so we can list it and let others know what you've done.

Benefactor Level--For those who donate up to $50.00, this is a level for those who really wish to help out. We're still working on a package for this (ideas on this are appreciated).

Patron Level--For those who donate $500.00 or more to reenactor.Net.

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