Welcome to the only website on the Internet solely dedicated to the former Navy aircraft squadron VAQ-33. The development of this website over the years has been a combined effort of many people. Started in 1999, we have just completed the first step in a major overhaul.

Photos of aircraft and insignia have been arriving for some time. Although all of the pictures received can't be housed on this page, it is hopeful that enough can be in order to make it meaningful. You might meet an old friend here or remember someone that should be here. If so, please send their name and email to the address below.

VAQ-33 Aircraft

VAQ-33 flew a variety of aircraft, such as theERA-3B Skywarrior, EA-4F Skyhawk, F-4B Phantom II, the EC-121, and the EA-6A Intruder. In it's earlier days it also flew the A-1 Skyraider (Spad). You will find some pictures here of some of the aircraft and in the future maybe even a face or two. You will also find a brief history of the squadron. Major changes in the makeup of the squadron began being made in '68 and '69 with the designation change and the emerging change in aircraft. Take a look around for you pleasure and tell a friend. Any suggestions will be helpful. Any photos that can be emailed will be appreciated. They might not all make it on the page, but surely some will. Thanks to all who has helped thus far and may God bless.

Click here for a list of VAQ 33 personnel making the Roosevelt Roads, PR Det in 1970.

VAQ-33 Photos you can gaze at

Thanks to Joe Hawkin of VAQ-34 and many others who we need to get listed here.

Read a brief developmental history of the "Thirty-Three" squadrons here.

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